Guidance for a newcomer


I am looking to develop the ability to draw on the computer. I had a good bit of drawing education in my undergraduate studies but that was 2 years back and I spent more time working in 3D than drawing. I was able to pump out still-life drawings of a decent caliber. Now I want to do a sketch every day to improve at worker faster and more efficiently, otherwise I spend hours doing something that could be done in an hour. I need to get more comfortable with drawing. My goal is to be able to do my own concept sketches/painting for my 3D work and, at the same time, improve my overall artistic ability. Here is my first sketch and the original image pulled from the internet. I DO NOT claim the original image as it is not mine.

Here is my beginning sketch (took waaaaay too long)


Can you elaborate on your specific goals, weaknesses, and what you were looking to achieve in your rough sketch? This is so we can better help you reach your goals.


My goal is to be able to rough sketch like this in under 3 minutes. I wanted to block in major light patterns in this piece and to do it quickly. I failed because I took way too long. One of my biggest weaknesses is working too slow. The ultimate goal is to be able to rough sketch my 3D designs quickly.


You could try the method I’m teaching in my workshop, which is to quickly block in the general shapes with just flat values first, then with each successive layer block in your light sources. This method takes advantage of the kind of flexibility that 3D rendering have, but adopted for 2D artwork. You can then change each layer just like how 3D could render out lighting passes to be tweaked individually. This might take a bit longer but is better than just straight painting because it allows you to make changes afterward quickly and easily, and once you have worked out the look you’re after, you can then go ahead and construct it in 3D.


When is your workshop?


We’re currently into our fifth run right now (three weeks into it), and it runs for eight weeks total. If you want to be notified when the next run is open for enrollment, just reply to the thread in the official thread (linked in my signature–the “Becoming A Better Artist” workshop). I’m not sure exactly when the next run will take place, but I’m predicting maybe in March or April. I’ll announce it in the official thread when we’re sure.


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