GTX 680 and 3ds max 2012/2013


680 has crippled Cuda cores.


My rig has arrived. I’m running 3ds Max 2013 with the latest beta-drivers of nvidia. It seems Nitrous gives the best performance in terms of redraw. The other ones seem to invoke more graphical glitches (slow/partial redraws of the GUI). I can only compare it to my previous system which has a Ati Radeon (2 years old) and the GTX 680 is definitely faster (is logical).
Also the GTX 680 gives good speed in the FumeFX 3.0 preview window.

The videocard itself doesn’t function in iRay (like mentioned on the iRay blog).


Yep, Nvidia cripples its CUDA cores for a while
but I’m wondering how OpenCL performance is affected.


@mustique: If you have a specific OpenCL-benchmark in mind, I’d be happy to run it for you.


THX a lot. Vray RT, Houdini 12 openCL fluid dynamics, other openCL based renderes… Anything that needs sheer openCL power would be welcomed actually.


Well problem is that on the new rig I don’t have any opencl render setups. Maybe I could run Luxmark 2.0, whould that help you?


I ran the Luxmark 2.0 Open CL benchmark. These are the results on my AsUs GTX 680 2 GB (NOT OC’ed):
Room: 275
Sala: 605
Luxball HDR: 3925
Luxball: 689
Luxball Sky: 2358


Hello raycat.

I just wanted to ask if your 680 is working extra fine with nitrous and direct3d? i have to order a 680 and all i’ve seen is negative reviews.

Also, this may sound silly, but could you please tell me if the normal vray renderer will work properly? i don’t use rt anyways. Max in general is not giving any specific errors with the new card i hope?

Thanks for reviewing it btw.

[edit] - will it work fine with 3ds max 2012?


The card works best in nitrous, both direct3d and opengl are worse (slow partials redraws).
Note that I’m using the latest nvida beta-driver.
I don’t know about vray, because I only use MR and the scanline. Both work perfect.
Altough I’m running 2013 I can’t imagine that 2012 would give any special problems. On the contrary 2012 will probably work faster due to being less buggy(altough I’ve not seen any bugs during my normal workflow).



has there been any more tests with the gtx? Specifically in nitrous? I utilize the viewport for previews (so the higher quality, faster response and cheaper - the better!) When it’s time to render, I rely on the processor. Is this method safe to assume what’s happening “under the hood”?


hi my friend , i prepared a benchmark scene in this post :

someone helped with their gpus and tested it , please you run in it on your gtx 680 , tnx . and i plane to rig a scene test for vray rt . thanks


Hi Kiaspid,
here are the results.

CPU: Intel i7 3930k @ 3,93 Ghz
VGA: Asus GTX 680 4 GB
Driver: Nvidia GeForce 301.42 WHQL
Monitor: Apple 30” Cinema display @ 2560x1600
Mobo: Asus P9X79
RAM: 64 GB DDR3-1600 quad channel (8x8GB)
HD: RAID 0: 2x Intel SSD 60GB 520-series
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
3ds max 2013

Viewport maximized running 2560@1600
Shaded: 5.374
Realistic: 4.529
Wireframe: 2.852
Consistent colors: 4.791
Clay: 4.843


Luxmark 2.0 Open CL benchmark on Radeon HD7970:

Room: 585
Sala: 1016
Luxball HDR: 9076
Luxball: 1143
Luxball Sky: 4221


Nvidia castrated their cards for everything except games and now is paying the price.

In Softimage for example everything changed. AMD/ATI is now the card to have.


Average GTX 580 results (from Luxmark website)

Room: 537.25
Sala: 907.3333
Luxball HDR: 6167.25

The score results you posted of the GTX 680 are verry close to the scores of a intel i7 2600k


Hello all,
Has anyone tried the 680 with vray rt? I plan to buy 2 of them, but I read a lot of confusing reviews and opinions. I,m sure redrawing in viewport is ok, but I am interested in progressive rendering speed.
I understand that 580 and the like are at least similar if not better than the 680, but problem is 580 is harder and harder to find.


If anyone is still pursuing this at all, small update with 2x hd7970 in crossfire:

Room: 2100
Sala: 3552
LuxBall HDR: 30399
Luxball: 4069
Luxball Sky: 14066


I’m not a Vray guy, more like waiting Iray Kepler support but I just wanted to test any progressive renderer using the GTX 680 until iray appears.

I couldn’t get it to use the gpu. CPU runs %100 but GPU is just %0. I ve run RT render server app. I also used Select OpenCL device program. It recognizes the card. Adds it to the window by pressing set, but the card doesn’t work at all.
I checked Arion renderer as well. There is also nothing miraculously fast in that, too.
However I should state once again that don’t know any of the two software much, may be a special material or light fires it.


Again, kepler card have highly cripled computation. Nvidia tuned their performance drasticly down in the drivers, so they can sell more over priced quadro’s and tesla’s.

They are good for graphics (games/viewport rendering) but not for things like gpu rendering…

Thanks to nvidia


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