GTX 680 and 3ds max 2012/2013


Hello all,
I’ve ordered a new worktation with a GTX 680, and I was wondering if anybody has this card running with 3ds Max 2012 (or 2013)? I saw some posts on the web that some users have big problems with the GTX 680 with 3ds Max. Anybody any experience with this combo?
Since I’m getting very nervous that my new rig will not be able to run 3ds Max properly (due to GTX 680 problems).
Any clarification/experiences are greatly appreciated…


I guess you’ll be the one testing it for the rest of us :wink:
Personnally, I’m waiting for some feedback of the 680’s performance in Nitrous and DX to build up my next comp. I read everywhere that it’s crippled for OpenCL, but no mention on how it stacks up in the good’ol viewport. If you ever decide to keep it, just post back in here with your results, will ya? :thumbsup:


That is also the only info I seem to find. I read about somebody who couldn’t start his 3DsMax anymore after installing a gtx 680. I hope that is an exception…
The overal sentiment is that the drivers for the geforce range are (on purpose) crippled by nvidia to upsell their quadro-range.
The problem is that my workstation is currently being assembled and if I want to change something I have to hurry. The only viable alternative seems a gtx 580. But I find it a bit strange to build a brand new power rig and include an “old” card…


Well in Nvidia’s case, sometimes older is better, or not worse. I’ve read many times that the 285gtx still outperforms everything that came after it. I have a 560gtx, a 9800gt and a 8800gtx and frankly, there isnt such a drastic performance discrepancy (in viewport) between the old one and the latest. But the 680 seems to beat everything else in gaming, so I thought that since Max is DX, maybe viewport performance would benefit from it. Still waiting for benches/feedback about that.



I’ve decided to keep the GTX 680 and take a leap of faith.
Like you said the DXperformance in games is very good so some should influence the Viewport performance.
Hopefully iRay support will come in the next weeks. But not that important for me.

If you need some benchmarks, let me know what you want me to run. I’ll get my new workstation around may 10th.
BTW, it will be an Asus GTX 680-2GD5 (2GB mem).


Keep us posted on this, I’d love to know as well.


Well I command your courage :buttrock:
Let’s just hope it’s at least as good as the 580…

I dont have any particular benchmark in mind, but my work mostly consists of exterior arch scenes with tons of vegetation, usually 5-10 million polys and up, and large texture maps. Right now on a 7.5 mil polys scene with the 560gtx, I’m getting 10-15 fps in shaded mode, adaptative degradation on, max resolution on bitmaps, in Direct3D mode. In Nitrous, cant get higher than 0.2 fps, so Nitrous is unusable for me on large scenes in Max 2012.

So anything higher than this in similar setup would sell it for me.

Cheers and keep us posted :wink:


When I get my rig, I’ll try to run some benchmarks and scenes. I’ll keep you all posted.


I am having a 680 …no problems at all in the moment!
No viewport issues in the moment. Everything works fine. AO is building up very fast in reality mode. Can´t say that the rest (Polycount) is much more performing than others (e.g. the 5xx Series)

BUT when iRay or RT come in game… :smiley: some more cuda core makes still sense!
I would go for it. But as with everything else, the other components in a computer might make sense as well of course.


OS is Win 7 64bit


that sounds reassuring! Well, my system should be ready by mid next week so I’m eagerly awaiting it and hoping to have the same experience as you have!

BTW here are my system specs:
Lian Li PC-90B
Asus P9X79 Intel® X79 Express
CPU2011-01 Intel® Core™ i7-3930K OC’ed
Corsair 16 GB DDR3-1600 kit of 2 32GB Total
ASUS GTX680-2GD5 (2GB)
INTEL SSD 60GB 520 serie (2x in RAID 0)
Seasonic 750W 80Plus Silver DC-DC
Western Digital 2TB WD 20EARX
IBL Box HDD 30, 1 slot occupied + 2 slots free
CD DVD Burner Samsung SH-S222AB
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit UK


What do you use for the Viewport: DirectX or Nitrous?


I thought iray did not run on a 680?


680 has crippled Cuda cores.


My rig has arrived. I’m running 3ds Max 2013 with the latest beta-drivers of nvidia. It seems Nitrous gives the best performance in terms of redraw. The other ones seem to invoke more graphical glitches (slow/partial redraws of the GUI). I can only compare it to my previous system which has a Ati Radeon (2 years old) and the GTX 680 is definitely faster (is logical).
Also the GTX 680 gives good speed in the FumeFX 3.0 preview window.

The videocard itself doesn’t function in iRay (like mentioned on the iRay blog).


Yep, Nvidia cripples its CUDA cores for a while
but I’m wondering how OpenCL performance is affected.


@mustique: If you have a specific OpenCL-benchmark in mind, I’d be happy to run it for you.


THX a lot. Vray RT, Houdini 12 openCL fluid dynamics, other openCL based renderes… Anything that needs sheer openCL power would be welcomed actually.


Well problem is that on the new rig I don’t have any opencl render setups. Maybe I could run Luxmark 2.0, whould that help you?


I ran the Luxmark 2.0 Open CL benchmark. These are the results on my AsUs GTX 680 2 GB (NOT OC’ed):
Room: 275
Sala: 605
Luxball HDR: 3925
Luxball: 689
Luxball Sky: 2358


Hello raycat.

I just wanted to ask if your 680 is working extra fine with nitrous and direct3d? i have to order a 680 and all i’ve seen is negative reviews.

Also, this may sound silly, but could you please tell me if the normal vray renderer will work properly? i don’t use rt anyways. Max in general is not giving any specific errors with the new card i hope?

Thanks for reviewing it btw.

[edit] - will it work fine with 3ds max 2012?