GRX card getting super high boost speeds


Picked up an old card for light gaming. Before I knew it, after half an hour, I felt my desktop and it was running pretty hot. I checked msi afterburner and found that the temp was as high as 80 and memory clock at 3000. Is this normal for boost? I have a gtx 660 plugged in. I know it’s an old card, but I thought that the 600s was where they fixed the extreme heat. Any way I can keep the boost lower?

I’m playing a little conquer’s blade right now, and also enjoy a few indie games from steam on the side.

Originally it was a ryzen 3 2200g build, but wanted a little more kick for gaming. Airflow is sufficient (or was). 2x 120mm intake fans in front, 120mm exhaust in back. stock cpu cooler Never ran hot

When not gaming, the gtx 660 sits at a decent 41*C.

As soon as I turned the game off, the clock speeds both dropped to 324.

Any input is appreciated. Thank you!