Grow of cubic bacteria



wonderful. In color scheme, in geometry, in dof, in background choice. In object by itself. I’m very interested in your work. I wait for other masterpieces.


hi there projakt0 :slight_smile: its have been a whaile since your last post …

i like the way you create your objects and chose of colors theme… still, i believe if you push your works more further to gain something could be more recognizable to us… your chance to win this competition will become more stronger. ( my own perspective )

i vote fore your first entry.

would love to see more of your works :thumbsup:



Wonderful image! I would love if you could share your techniques with the community.


your can do it with maya fur + key building + attractor, check the maya user’s manual


In my country corruption is almost epidemic, people don’t respect rules or laws. I put my faith in cgsociety prestige and entered this contest.
Watching the last comments made to the published finalists, I ask you to retire all my 26 entries with my finalist too, because I DON’T want to be part of this dirty contest, you can delete my account too.


I like the image idea very much.something organic and abstract at the same time :slight_smile: .


The shapes and overall color scheme is excellnt. Good job.

  • Neil


Beautiful image. I wish we could see a larger version of it. I can tell there’s a lot of detail that is lost in the resolution. Congratulations and great job!




Amazing work, you’ve got eye for detailing




Quoted for agreement. I would really like to see a larger version.


Great image, congratulations on winning the competition.


Very fascinating to behold. Great color. It’s so odd that it’s really difficult to wrap words or meaning around it! 5*





Congrats, really cool stuff!


ah , cool work , it deserves the 1st place really , wonderfull , the color theme and the concept .


wow! like this art, congratulations! like the color, seems like a new organic life xD