Group TWO: Animation, texturing, lighting.


tharrell - I don’t have any crits for you on your latest update. It’s looking good.



Rockin… that’s four shots in the bag, although I’m not counting it as done yet. I’m a big proponent of letting sequences rest a bit and coming back with fresh eyes when they’re in context. Refine, refine, refine :slight_smile:

The playblast has been crossposted to the editor’s forum (no need to re-FTP, I’ve got a ton of web space and bandwidth).

I’ll be moving on to the next four this evening.



Hi Tharrel

Good work on the anims so far I have watched your latest version through a bunch of times and i noticed that you repeat the same head movement twice in shot 19 and 20 which looks a little odd to me.(Doesnt seem to flow quite right.)

Apart from that looking really good.



Just to let you know- EVERYONE MUST HAVE AT LEAST the BLOCKING done by the 15th!! After that, we shall refine more. OK?


Updates below:

What’s changed:

-Added initial blocking/timing on shots 23-25

Not much polish on the new stuff, but it’s not too bad :slight_smile:

I should be good to have my blocking for the last of the sequence done by Wednesday.



Whew :thumbsup:

OK, here’s my first stab at blocking for the entire page I’ve been assigned. Instead of upping it as separate files, I’ve compiled it into one long blast so timing can be judged a little better (hey, I signed up for editing too, right?).

Anyhow, here’s shots 19-28 in their entirety. 25-28 are fairly rough at this point (no polish to speak of) but they work for blocking.

A couple notes:

  • I’ve added a little camera shake when he hits the wall in 28. It’s a placeholder, but necessary I think to convey force. I’m horrid at moving camera work, but that should give someone who is more adept a starting point.

  • I can’t get the silly blendshapes to work worth a crap in the rig, nor have I had any luck in adding my own un-distorted, so I haven’t used any ‘proper’ squash, stretch or smash in anything you see here. The wall slam was achieved by scaling the root move control and keyframing the control rings. Not ideal, but it’s a start. Ugly silhouette, though. :sad:

  • I really want to use a little bulgy squash & stretch in the bounces. They’re not bad as is, but they’d have a lot more life to them if his mass shifted more.

As always, please chime in!


Lookin’ good tharrell
My only crit right now is the slipage that occurs on some of Orange’s landings (58-68 at the very beginning). The bit of slip feels right though as Orange makes the spinning stop away from the wall towards the end. Keep up the good work!


You’re right, although I weighted those a little differently on purpose. The slipping in the beginning portion was supposed to represent uncertain, unbalanced jumps and landings, whereas the one at the end has much more weight and purpose to it (plus another two weeks of ‘feel’ for the character :slight_smile:

I think I will go back and tone down the slides a tiny bit in the beginning, though.

Thanks for the crits!



How is it going, guys?
Remember, blocking has to be done by wednesday! I’m going to PM the…ahem…slower people.


Tharell, can you provide me with the scene you are currently working on? So Alex and me can use it for some lighting tests.

Thank you very much!


Gumbo: Check the lighting thread. Scene files with the high res shaders in progress and my basic light setup are there. Feel free to pitch anything :slight_smile:

paperclip: Let me know if you’d like me to jump on the second page. I’ll need to know pretty soon if I’m going to make the Wednesday deadline.



If you have time, Tharrell, that would be great. Do you?

…I think I know who will be given the 'short film participation award…!:thumbsup:


Hey, I’m a generalist – and one that’s terminally bored by his day job to boot :slight_smile:

This project is the most interesting thing I’ve had to work on in ages…

Re the second page: I’ll start on it tonight. :wip: :wip: :wip:



Does this mean it will rain on Tharrell? Oh, wait, participation… :wink:

Seriously great work guys :thumbsup: I’m a sucky animator or I’d join in and help get it done, but I want this to be awesome at the end of the day. Keep it up!


Thanks for push, man. The work goes a lot faster when it’s crowded around here.

I must say, I’m thrilled at the amount of progress we’ve seen in the last week.

Speaking of precipitation, I’m going to get pretty stormy if they don’t announce the M&S thing soon. They’ve been milking me for about 200 hits a day all week. :argh:



Looks like the wanted poster we sent out for digones worked :slight_smile:

I’ll hang back and tweak on lighting and textures over the weekend since it sounds like he’s confident in getting his assignment done by Wednesday.



greetings guys, i’m gonna start animating tomorrow :wink: to have my tasks ready until wednesday…




Deadline has come and gone and we haven’t heard anything from you.

I’m going to start working on your scenes tonight if I don’t hear back.



go ahead, Trey. I’ve been too much busy these days finishing some paid work, and this job will get all of my efforts for the next couple of weeks.

Sorry for the lack of response (or, let’s say… responsability).


Will everyone who is still in this group PLEASE SIGN IN! I need to know who’s still here and which scenes they have!