Group THREE: Animation, texturing, Lighting.



Welcome aboard! Glad to see another work-hungry animator around here. Could you do scenes 16-18? Any questions you have, refer to the FAQ in the forum (stickied) and any OTHER questions you have, feel free to PM me. If you have any technical questions, PM M.E.L as he is our resident geek.

Once more, welcome aboard! You have until Monday to put up your blocking scenes. Go, man, go!


Thnx Paperclip…

Ill start rightawayy…will post the Blockings as i finish them up…

Can i just have a sample maya file anyone has already worked on… ?? Just for a reference to be on a safer side so that i dont make any mistakes for file setup :slight_smile:

Rest ill find in the FAQ’s…lemme start it off now


Will everyone who is still in this group please SIGN in here! I need to know who’s still in and who’s not!


I’m in…it’s been a hectic week for me…my sisters b-day, my b-day, and my nephews b-day…but i’m on it.


Boone - Theresa forwarded your shot to me. Here’s a few crits for your shot:[ul][li]The shot number is 16 not 7.[]I think you should lead into this shot with Orange ending a hop (real short 0.5 second) which will make a connection with shot 15 and flow better.[]Bring the camera up to eye level (if Orange had eyes :smiley: ) and adjust the snap of the head a bit when he’s shocked. As of now, it appears that he’s looking up instead of being surprised.[]I’m not sure what you’re doing with the look back and forth. Is he shaking his head, looking around? It doesn’t convey an emotion to me, just that he turns his head.[]You don’t have to do a complete 180 turn to show that he’s turning around. Just lead in that direction with his head and then cut it short. The next shot will communicate that he’s heading in the opposite direction. I want to avoid the sliding rotation as much as possible in the film. It just looks odd to me for some reason. If you have to turn him around, I’d much prefer to see him hop around.[*]Make the walls gray to avoid confusion with later shots when he’s in the other room.[/ul]What is the problem with my e-mail address? Anyone else having problems? Check my website (About Me section) for my Yahoo & GMail addresses. One or the other should work.
Video clip is now hosted on our ftp server


Pimpin’ hat by the way, bro. :smiley:


Re: Kirt.

…And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you pesky Director-of-animation! :banghead:

Shot number: Sorry, I was looking at the other storyboard page - its the 7th one along on the top row… :rolleyes:

“Looking around”: I was a little in the dark regarding the “greys” and why they wanted nothing to do with “Orange”. I sort of got the message that Orange wasn’t frightned of the Greys and the expression was more of Naepoleon facing a frightened crew or something. I suppose it would be that he wants to check everyones expression - root out the ringleaders or “what about old Louis? Louis always stood by me - LOUIS? YOU TRAITOR! HMPH!”…y’know - that kind of crazy stuff… :twisted: I’ll take it out though - might as well keep it simple… :deal:

180 turn: Thank you - I was having real trouble with that! :scream: I was wondering if he would turn around using his toes, hop around or slide around…but I’d rather leave it with him( or is it “she”? :deal: ) turning his head like you said.

E-mail: Oh, is that the old Chestnut of “…spam is a nightmare - I’m sure you can figure out how my butchered e-mail address goes back together!” - I got a mail back moaning about how you didn’t have a Yahoo account… :wip:

Anyway, I’ll try and send you the super-revised shot 16 tommorow night. :thumbsup:


Yeah, sorry about the e-mail thing … but I’ve been hit by the web bots too many times and this is the most effective way to prevent it. You can use the e-mail option from CGTalk to send me something (just a “hi”) and I’ll send you a reply so you get the correct address.

I suspect you missed the underscore between the first and last name on my Yahoo address. :sad:


Re: Kirt.

Hmmm…I might have missed the underscore…dunno. :smiley:

Anyway, regarding shot 16: I haven’t had much time today, but I’ve adjusted the camera to eye-level and it starts with a hop-in during 12frames( 0.5secs = 24/2 = 12frames! :lightbulb ).

The part I’m having trouble with is what Orange does once he has gone “WTF!?”( y’know - when he freezes in the shocked position ). Shall I just stick with the pre-vis and have him turn thereafter? :shrug:

To me it seems like there is an action missing( like working it out in his mind what to do about it ), but if you’re happy with it(your film, your vision dude! ) then I’ll be even more over-joyed to move onto another shot… :cool:


You could try animating a sigh as he drops his head rejected/dejected/sad and hold it for a bit before he begins his turn.

Think about the action.

He’s following after them in a “Hey guys! Wait for me!” way, then they return with “OH SH*T! He’s following us! Eeeeek! yuck” group reaction. Orange then suddenly becomes aware that he’s not wanted. He’s not part of the group. He’s the odd kid on the playground. Initially he’ll respond with the “WTF?!?” action but as it sinks in, he becomes depressed and alienated.

Hope that helps.


Re: Kirt.

Gotcha! :thumbsup:


Just finished another version but I need to improve timing and pacing… :banghead:


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