Group THREE: Animation, texturing, Lighting.


Group TWO: Animation, texturing, lighting.
Group 3:

Remi, zenfull.

---->thewave {textures}

---->Rens Heeren {lighting}

Ok. This is how it will work. For these particular scenes, work with each other. If you want any TECHNICAL help from other animators/texturers/lighters, post in the main animation/texturing/lighting threads that I shall put up in the main forum.

You guys are in charge of :

Please let me know if this is to your liking!!

PM me if you have any questions.

Here is the finished pre-vis:… (fixed)

When the animators finish a scene, post it in the ‘animation’ thread and have it approved by Kirt. Then give it over to the texturer, who will then give it over to the lighter. Each finished step will be posted in the relevant thread {animation, texturing, lighting} to be critted by Kirt.

Off you go!



Thanks! I’ll start at the end of this week. :thumbsup:


Skyzero- You’re on 000-015

Zenfull- 016-018



One week has gone by … anything here yet?


Anything on the animations so far?


Just to let you know- EVERYONE MUST HAVE AT LEAST the BLOCKING done by the 15th!! After that, we shall refine more. OK?


Understood! Things have been hectic due to the wedding planning and other things, but I do plan on having the scenes blocked by the 15th. :thumbsup:


Question: For scenes from 000-010, should I just make a few establishing shots of the greys sitting there together somewhat like the pre-viz shows but with maybe a panning shot or two?

EDIT: Removed playblasts - after waking up with a fresh start I was not happy with how it turned out. Will resubmit later today.

UPDATE: Added a few still shots similar to what’s shown in the opening of the pre-viz.


Here’s another still for one of the 000-010 scenes. I wasn’t sure if you needed actual animations rendered for those beginning scenes so I did them as stills instead since there was no movement.


Attached playblasts of scenes 10-12. Very rough blocking at work here. :wip:

I don’t have webspace so I had to stick them in zips.


Hey, lookin’ good so far.

I have a thought about the title sequence around the very first shot. It struck me that the top shot at the very begining seems too much like a diamond because it is straight on, and was thinking what about rotating it about 20 degrees so that it looks more abstract? Anyway just a thought.

Keep up the good work!


I appreciate the response Velk!

Unfortunately, I’ll have to bow out of the production of the short. Something’s come up at work that affects my schedule and the time I have available to work on it. I apologize deeply for any inconveniences this may have caused. Please feel free to delegate my scenes so that production will continue on them.


Sorry, no time for a crit at the moment. I’ll be back later this evening with some comments.


SkyZero has been removed from this short…I will find a replacement shortly.


Remi has said he’ll cover SkyZero’s scenes. Hooray for Remi!
When do you think you’ll be able to have the blocking done? I can extend the blocking a bit for THIS scene. Good to know your other stuff is done!


000-015. Starting today. SHould have something by Saturday at the latest.


Posted Blocking for shot 000-015.


Can i get some scenes to work on ??

I am free till 24th.


You’re more than welcome to join wOlverine :wavey:

Why don’t you jump into the GROUP ONE set since we seem to be short animators for that part. Thanks & I’m looking forward to seeing your work.


Thnx Kirt… itll be a pleasure to start off riteaway…

Ive been working for 3 years as animators, cant post much of the work coz of copyrite troubles but have worked for shows for BBC, Nickelodion and PS2 Game cinematic, lemme just start off with the thing and i hope to meet your requirements. M free from the studio work these days and i wanna make use of it.

Please get me little clue how to move ahead… thnx :slight_smile: