Group ONE- Animation, Texturing, Lighting.


Well, congrats on finishing a shot …
Maybe you should show it to the Director? :smiley: :shrug:

Usually we go by the Director’s approval to proclaim something done, but I’ll let you have some fun for a bit.

… OK times up. Let’s see this “done” shot. :surprised


Re: Kirt.

Oh shit! :argh:

Errrrr…soooo…how shall I…send it to you? :curious:



Well, you can host the file somewhere and provide me a link so I can download it. Or send it to me via e-mail if the file isn’t too big. I need a video file not a Maya scene file. See the FAQ thread for acceptable video formats.


The producer would like a look too!

Mind PMing me the link?


Boone - Theresa forwarded your shot to me. Here’s a few crits for your shot:[ul][li]The shot number is 16 not 7 and should be posted to the GROUP THREE thread to avoid confusion.[]I think you should lead into this shot with Orange ending a hop (real short 0.5 second) which will make a connection with shot 15 and flow better.[]Bring the camera up to eye level (if Orange had eyes :smiley: ) and adjust the snap of the head a bit when he’s shocked. As of now, it appears that he’s looking up instead of being surprised.[]I’m not sure what you’re doing with the look back and forth. Is he shaking his head, looking around? It doesn’t convey an emotion to me, just that he turns his head.[]You don’t have to do a complete 180 turn to show that he’s turning around. Just lead in that direction with his head and then cut it short. The next shot will communicate that he’s heading in the opposite direction. I want to avoid the sliding rotation as much as possible in the film. It just looks odd to me for some reason. If you have to turn him around, I’d much prefer to see him hop around.[*]Make the walls gray to avoid confusion with later shots when he’s in the other room.[/ul]What is the problem with my e-mail address? Anyone else having problems? Check my website (About Me section) for my Yahoo & GMail addresses. One or the other should work.
I’m going to copy this post to the other thread, you can add updates or comments there regarding this shot.


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