Group ONE- Animation, Texturing, Lighting.


I’m just curious, so don’t get offended by this …

But, have you read through the storyboards and any of the other threads in this forum?

I believe the direction of this shot has been explained several times. I’m getting the impression that you just downloaded the animatic and started from there. The animatic shouldn’t be viewed alone and that all info provided in this forum should be taken into consideration when working on shots (see the storyboard thread!).

I really don’t want people to work on things over and over again just to get the direction of each shot clear. It’s a waste of your time as well as mine. However, I’m not going to make a habit of repeating things over and over again either. The info is posted already.

If anyone is still unclear about a shot after doing their own research thru this forum, then please let me know before you begin work. I’ll clarify as much as possible without repeating stuff already stated.

Sorry for the confusion.


No offense taken… Yep, I read thru almost every thread, looked at the storyboards, checked the animatic and all that any averagely conscientious being would… I still couldn’t quite get what was happening… Soooo… I asked… and was instructed to follow the animatic… hence the current outcome… No love lost…

Shant be moving forward tho until I get some assessments of the current shot timing/ orange animation… as soon as that’s in I’ll get re-started on the grey mass;)

Cheers Kirt


Just returned from sig…tired as hell…will chime in tomorrow. And M.E.L. I hope you don’t mind if I have any q’s.


Well well well… look what I found after a looking a little futher than I had yet… Like o o ohhh There’s a second page of threads… riiiiight… and with like it’s own storyboard thread:shrug::applause:

[li]And in a panic they charge off towards the opposite wall in an herd-like effort to escape the quickly approaching orange oddity. [/li][li]A gray cube trips and falls to the floor sliding along behind the others, as Orange catches up to them. Orange jumps onto the fallen gray cube. [/li][li]Using the gray as a springboard, Orange vaults into the air above the pack of nervously retreating grays. [/li][li]Orange lands in the thick of the pack and begins to crowd surf them towards his destination. [/li][li]Over the shoulder camera follows group of cubes as they run towards the hole & carry Orange on thier tops.[/li][li]Orange bounces up and performs a spectacular gymnastic maneuver bouncing from one gray to the other towards the front of the pack (flips and twirls would add to the character).[/li][li]Reaching the front of the pack (they’re still running) he hits one of the grays in the front hard and launches himself in a tight spiral towards the portal. The last gray springboard falls to the ground.[/li][li]Camera follows Orange as he spirals up overhead and towards the hole (in a Free Willy shot). He punches into the hole about halfway and after a brief pause we see the downed Gray slide into camera view along the ground.[/li][li]Orange wiggles and squirms, forcing himself and his square body through the round hole.[/li][li]The grays can only watch as Orange dissappears from their lives forever. [/li][/ul] :banghead::cry::blush: Knowledge is King!

Sorry Kirt… I guess it’s the price I pay for not comitting when I first saw this coming together… Oh well… I’d dig it if you cloud check my shots when you get a chance and Lemme know what’s ado and I’ll throw some real energy at it

Humble apologies for my noobness


Hey MEL thanks man. Nothing for you quite yet. This ones for kirt. I’ve decided to scrap some of what I had…and start new…just a q…but the previs and SB are quite different…especially in camera…my question is…do I use artistic freedom here and go with what I think looks better or what?


DaddyMack - Well, since you found the original storyboard thread you should have a better understanding of the shots and how I have described the actions. Here’s more information as it applies to your blocking file.[ul][li]Shot 42 & 43: Already mentioned somewhere (but I’ll spare you the task of digging it up - because I’m not sure which thread it was mentioned in myself :blush: ). I’d like to see this start as a stationary camera and the gray cubes run in from stage-right. As the crowd passes the camera begins to truck with them but at a slower speed so the tail end of the group can come to center frame. At this point is when the clumsey gray cube falls to the ground and becomes a springboard for Orange. Without cutting the scene yet, follow Orange with the camera up and into the group.[]Shot 44: A difficult scene for you, but follow my previous direction and go with minimal characters until the motion is nailed down. The grays are running, the camera follows them just above eye level (like we were piggy backing on one of the cubes). You should see the hole in the distance and it will gradually get closer as Orange begins to jump from cube to cube. Remember that the Grays are not throwing him, he is bouncing off of their unwilling heads.[]Shot 45: Very low camera angle and the grays can be coming to a halt here as they realize there’s no where left to run and that Orange is now flying over their heads towards the hole. Agan … another clumsey gray cube gets knocked down in the front row and he does a faceplant slide into (but slightly left) of the camera. Either reverse cut or track the flight of Orange until he hits the hole. I think a reverse cut would work best and allow a slight delay before you have the fallen gray guy slide into view (comedic pausing).[*]Shot 46: Don’t start wiggling Orange too early. There should be a pause of disbelief there … he’s a little shocked that it worked. Sort of. Then he realizes that he can squeeze through with some effort. It’s not a quick “wiggle wiggle and through” action. He should have to work at it a bit. He is a square shape forcing himself into a round hole, afterall.[/ul]
Remi - I’d like you to follow the storyboard layouts as closely as possible. There are up shots, down shots and wide angle shots that are there for specific reasons (story telling and mood).

I think there were only a couple shot additions or changes in the animatic that I OK’d.[ul][]The first downward shot where Orange walks into the the group of grays was changed for continuity reasons.[]An additional closeup shot of Orange was added prior to his final trip to the opposite side of the room.[/ul]You can nudge the camera in slight variations if there is a problem with showing an action in the animation or something is distracting with the scene composition. However, let me know (with visual examples) if you make any major changes and why you’re doing so. If I like it, I’ll OK it. If not, I’ll offer another possible solution or be a jerk and say, “no changes!” :smiley:


Kirt… Good on you mate! That’s just what I needed… I’ll rework all the shots as per instructions asaic… Enjoy your break;)


Hi, I think I am in this group. someone set me up a shot to start with.


Ila - Check this page to see everything that has been done or is available. DaddyMack was working on these shots, but we haven’t heard anything for 2 months. :shrug:

I’m going to have to contact everyone and see if something is going to get done or if we can collect scene files for completion. In the meantime, there is a segment in this group that hasn’t been started (the last 7 panels of the storyboards). You’re welcome to start there if you wish. :smiley:


Thank you Kirt,

  • I’d like to have the pre-viz maya files too.
  • There is a little flaw in Orange rig, lean left and lean right parametres do a same action.
  • Should I use Orange as Gray models too? Probably.
  • I cant open the Room scene correctly, I got some errors, would someone re-check it from ftp? and I use Maya 6.5.



What do you need the pre-vis files for? The clip isn’t good enough visual reference?
I’m not saying “no” but it may be difficult to get them all from the people who put them together. And … I don’t think they are all done with Maya.

If you have any technical issues with the models or rigs then you should post in M.E.L.'s thread. He’s our TD on this project.


Well, i just need them for scene Layout / camera placement. forget it if it’s hard.


I had an operation on my eyes (no more glasses! hooray!). I still see thing blury at the close range … I’ll back to you in a few days if I get better.




I’ve started with shot 7( 37-40secs into the pre-vis ). Its the one where Orange has backed all the greys to the far wall and looks “shocked” and then turns around…

I haven’t done animation for a while, so this is an exercise in getting upto speed again - not to mention becoming familar with the main character! :smiley:



…only 59 more to go… :cry:


:bounce: yippeeee!! you’re my daddy.


WOW - If I get this much praise with just a single shot…just image what I get with another 59! :buttrock:


LOL… aww… no worries, daddy. i’ll help you out however i can. :thumbsup: