Group ONE- Animation, Texturing, Lighting.


Here’s what I have for my first blocking pass. Comment on anything. Sorry for the hack edit job:)

[](  QT Sor3 8MB


Im struggling, one of my bosses got fired at work last week and Im having to take his place which means an extra 1.5 hours traveling time each day because he was in charge of a different location. Im dog tired each day and trying to block out this animation Im not sure if I can meet tomorrows deadline for blocking. I really want to work on this short but along with all the issues with the character initially and trying to get things solved the time I would have had has been lost. So yeah struggling describes my situation well considering the movement required… is it possible for an extention without too much hassle?



Blocking deadline has been moved to friday…either wednesday or friday is good.


Will everybody who is still in this group PLEASE SIGN IN here!


Hey, in a holding pattern.


Cut and paste the other messsage here. Also…i’l be going to Sigg…so I won’t be available for a few days…but after i’ll be crackin’


Hi guys, count me in too!
I’m not sure at the mo where to start (animation) can anyone fill me in as to who has committed to finishing which shots?


I’m working shots 034-041. I’ll post what I have when I get back from sigg.


Daddymack, will you do 42-46, please? Blocking in by August 4th! Have fun and don’t forget to post your updates here for us all to comment on…



lol, when I was checking out the animatic for the first time I thought… Jeez… pity the fool who ends up doing those shots… Stupid poetic justice!

Thanks paperclip, I’ll definitely enjoy ripping into 42-46 and, currently, your Blocking deadline looks safe to me… I ('course) do however have one Q?.. It’s about the greys, particularly in shot 44 (1:59 animatic) I’m unclear as to what’s going on …any advice as to where you want me to go with them?



Orange is bouncing off the greys in order to get to the hole! Just follow the animatic as closely as you can and you’ll be OK. :slight_smile:

That part about poetic justice made me start laughing my head off. Ahh, the irony…

Now the question is whether you’re enough of a fool to get them done! :twisted:


Fooled myself into making a rough start…

Blocked Shot 42

Not sure how much life to give the greys still, and would prefer to avoid double doing if possible…

My Q?s

How many greys should be in my shots?

Should the greys literally move as in the animatic… to contrast the life of the orange? ie no bends, steps, or feelings? or can they have a little more life? if so how much? Any definition of ‘life as a grey’ would be much appreciated

Sorry if these Q?s have been answered… I read all the relevant threads I could find…

Cheers guys;)


I like that! Good sense of timing, especially in the bounce.

I have a feeling Kirt will love this (and you!) Apparently the greys have a boring life, they don’t have much to do and are overly suspicious of everything new. Their environment is bleak and they don’t know anything outside that room.
While they’re moving away, I’d say that they would actually be bent a tiny bit backward in their haste to get away from the ‘disgusting infected thing’ in case it wants to play with them. Usually they are slightly hunched over and they might even be ‘walking’ (think of a lady picking up their skirts and walking fast away from rats, her heels are slowing her down but you can tell that she is trying her best to get away fast.)


Thanks paperclip, you production manager you, :beer: for the fine welcome to the team and for your great explaination, the mood you set helps immensely, as does the mental reference for their motion;) Big Thanks!

Will be onto it asap…

Here’s a start on shot 43 with 42’s updated motion as well
QT sorenson 560k



Yea! Progress! Welcome DaddyMack, and good work so far :thumbsup:


Hey someone is working! Yeah!

He stopped Kirt’s
YEAH!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

OK … in all seriousness. Good stuff so far DaddyMack, thanks.

Here’s the things I’d like you to work on with the shots. The gray cubes can be as animated and full of character like the orange guy. I don’t know where the “depressing” myth has started but … stop it all now. There is nothing depressing about the gray cubes. They just simply exist in a different world than the orange. There is a difference in their color but other than that they can be as full of life as orange.

So, when (in this scene for example) they run away from orange, they can do it with ENERGY. They should have energy and excitement in this scene. They are scared when Orange approaches them in a rushed manner, and they are anxiously (like a stampede) are trying to get away.

These scenes are also the climax of the film … sooo, more energy!


Thanks Velk!
Lol Kirt… Thanks for the boost mate:thumbsup: As well cheers for the info…

Well Averagely conscientiousness as I am… here’s 42-46 blocked as committed :smiley: (1.3mb QT sorenson3)

It would be great to get an idea of what you guys think so far - Particularly with regard to improvements -



There is only one thing that bothers me about this (I’m not Kirt so feel free to disregard!). It feels like the grey cubes are throwing him around and eventually throwing him through the hole instead of him consciously using them as a springboard to get in the hole. Just my 2 cents.



Yeah, that was sort of the impression that I got too. Also, they stop running once Orange gets top-side.

They should continue to run towards the hole during this entire sequence. This is a pretty complex sequence, don’t rush it just to make me happy. I’d rather see things come together piece by piece.

If you want, remove some background grays and focus on the Orange’s actions first. Or keep them in there as placeholders but don’t worry about their movements as much until you get the primary action down.

Also, I would suggest working with one cube in an empty scene for a bit. Try to create the panic run that I’ve described and take notes on what’s working. I’m not getting a sense of panic in the grays when I’m watching your clip. Watch the Pepsi commercial again too … :smiley:


Hey thanks for the critique Velk, Kirt…

So the greys are running throughout this whole sequence… Hmmm doesn’t that just tickle my wrist;)…

‘double doing’ could be just about the only thing that could pull me off this project, and I believe I expressed that clearly… Although having them all running the whole time does really present a fun challenge, it would’ve been nice if I was informed of this from the start yeah? Like when I asked what the greys were doing in my shots? I mean come on just because I’m ‘giving’ you my time doesn’t mean it should be wasted… (insert profanity here) anyways… that’s my rant for now… Hope you get the point…

No more surpises please!

Any further info regarding these shots should be delivered asap. I can’t commit to a third reworking

I shall kill all the greys keys:sad: and create a freaked out run cycle as suggested…

So what about the timing of the shots and orange? How’s he doing so far… What works/ doesn’t

BTW the pepsi commercial rocks!