Group ONE- Animation, Texturing, Lighting.


Good, Funky. You know what you have to do, right? Start blocking!! Stepped blocking for now. We’ll refine later. You must have your scenes blocked in by next wed!

Ali…baby, where are you?


No worries it’ll happen… well it’s already happening… and then hopefully I can say it has happened :smiley: gets lost in tenses



I’d suggest starting with just a few grays in the crowd surfing scene, personally. That way you can refine motion on just a couple and later on we can duplicate or do some instancing or particle cheats for the rest of the grays.

Lurking TDs: have any of you played with particle - based crowd cheat systems like the spiders example on one of the Gnomon DVDs? I have the feeling that modifying something off the shelf (ie FlockingHell) would save us some valuable refinement time in the next round and let the animators focus on really getting three or four strong performances that we can stagger, vs. 30 or so.

It might not be practical for a production this size, but it might be worth a look.

Just a thought…



Yea we can make it happen :wink: … but quite much can be done by hand, offsetting animation, rough editing of animation. Animation can be quite easily reused if we are using same rig.

BUT its dangerous business if its done fastly.


So do we need to import everytime to make a grey…or is there a way to duplicate the one I have in there now with all of the controls…I tried duping and it didn’t dup the controls…so i’m assuming i’ll have to import orange for every grey…if there’s and easier way…please let me know.


as MEL already wrote somwhere you should be able to dublicate orange if you just unlock the referenced layer. but If it didn´t dub also controls there might be something wrong, If your sure that you tried to dublicate whole hierarchy, consult with tharrell… I havent even looked to latest rig :slight_smile: and now I am too lazy to do so!

But if you have technical problems with your rig in future, post to damnation alley thread so right people will be reading it!


looked anyway… so just unref and dub the whole Bunch, works here wo problems!


and make sure that in your dublicate settings you have dublicate input graph selected!


duplicate input graph?

Im having to block with stand ins at the moment just cant seem to get it to duplicate.


No worries…got it working here…something to show later. Thanks for looking into it. If come across any major problems I will post them in the right place:)


edit/duplicate and go to duplicate options little box next to duplicate text… and make sure that duplicate input graph is selected.


If you come across any problems and discover the answer, PM me so I can put it into the FAQ.


This is going really well-- go, boys, go!


Just came back to report I figured it out (never used that before) to find you kindly replied lol :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just so you know I`m blocking out the whole 3 shots without cameras so I get the movement down and using 5 maybe 6 Greys to bounce off of figuring the other 10-15 can be messed with later.


How animated should the grey’s be? Do you want simple bounces or something similar to orange? Are they bored? Are they snobbish? I’m using 5 in my scenes right now and haven’t animated them yet. Are they the same size or can there be variations? Just a few q’s:) Thanks.


Just another question… I took the statement “Blocking must be finished by next wednesday” as next week, the 29th June, but I flipped to the deadlines post and now I`m worried sick… blocking should be done with and final animation should be done by the 9th of july?


Here’s what I have so far, all one scene. 5 camera with one or two more coming. No blockiing really on the grey’s, I just moved them. I’m not sure about the camera motions or shots, perhaps Kirt could give me a little help there if it’s needed. I’ll just say comment on anything. Hope it’s looking good and looking forward to some feedback to get this going the right direction. Quick hack edit job in AE. QT Sor3 7MB


Whoops, forgot to update the deadlines thread. The fact of the matter is that we are slightly behind schedule… groups 2 and 3 are not being very forthcoming. I’m going to work with them next. You guys are doing an amazing job here.

Blocking DOES have to be finished with on wednesday 29th June. I’m keeping an eye on you all! Stepped curves, remember…


Hey Paper…the only thing that isn’t stepped is the cameras…which can be changed…only a couple of keyframes on them so nothing to major.


I wouldn’t worry about stepping the camera movement, in fact that might end up confusing as to where cuts begin and end.

The poses & timing are looking good, btw :slight_smile:



I will have my finished first blocking pass up here shortly. Will I need to wait till after wednesday to start on the 2nd blocking or can I start as soon as I get approval from Kirt?