Group ONE- Animation, Texturing, Lighting.


Ok…just the first bit here. Blocking of course and very rough so you can tell what to change timing wise. Here’s a little breakdown. The first hop is kind of a double take type of thing…he looks up slowly…sees the hole and looks back down without realizing what he saw…then jumps back a little in amazment at what he’s seeing…then he winds up(butt wiggle) and jumps up and up to try and see through the hole. I’ll have more…feel free to crit away. Sorenson 3 700+K


Remi, I love it! (I told you this over MSN), just have him more excited when he’s jumping up at first to see through the hole-he’s like ‘WHOA!!’ at first and after that he’s more frustrated and disappointed because he’s unable to see through the hole. I love the butt wiggle though, very cute!! :thumbsup:
Great job- so glad you’re on board with us!!


FUNKYCOWIE- You’re on scenes 42-44.

We need blocking to be done by NEXT WED. Something like what Remi has up already (THANKS SO MUCH REMI!) – just basic stuff. We’re just trying to have the entire film blocked out, really basic, really, really basic and once we have SOMETHING, then we will refine it further.

Sound good everyone? FAQ is coming soon, btw. Start blocking!!



First bit: great start, and stepped blocking like that is exactly what we need at this stage. We can refine more later. (I loved the butt wiggle too, and may incorporate that into one of my shots as a recurring trait).

The second bit: before you get too far down that path: if you’re starting at scene 34+, we’ve already covered his initial discovery of the hole – in fact, he’s spent the last minute and change in scenes 19-33 exploring the hole and throwing himself forcibly at the wall and seeing stars. From a motivation standpoint, I’d read him as getting exhausted and really frustrated at this point, although that’s Kirt’s call to make. :stuck_out_tongue:

One last note: would you mind renaming your camera something like shot34_camera so the blasts are easier to place?

Thanks so much for getting off to a blazing start!



Just a quick question (since the most activity seems to be concentrated here):
How hard is it to use the rig and basically animate something with it?
I am considering also helping out with the animation (I’m on lighting ATM), but I haven’t used maya that often before, I’m used to max. I also don’t have much animating experience, just simple stuff, but I know a thing or two about 3D in general. Lighting should not be much of a problem though.

How realistic is getting up to speed before the animation deadline? I can put in an hour/two hours a day. If it is still necessary ofcourse.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I was thinking the same thing. I will rename the camera so it’ll be easier.

That is what I was confused about…where I was starting…the boards and the pre-vis were a little hard to sync up. I understand now and will continue on with him being tired…I did do some more work on what I had. Added some emotion when he can’t see in…I think we could still use this as the butt end of his jumping…kind of like a last try sort of thing…and then i’ll have him turn and start hopping towards the greys. What do you think?

  [](   QT Sor3


Yay I got tomorrow off work so I can spend all day playing :slight_smile:

ahem… anyways I need some more info…

REMI: What are your plans for expression in 40 (Greys) and 41 (Orange)? I just wanna make sure I`m following through correctly from your ideas. I can clearly make out the character story from the boards and animatic/previz but your expressions would be of great help to get me thinking in the right flow so that it… well… flows :smiley:


Remi - Cute butt wiggle or not, your scenes are shown at the beginning of this thread and text descriptions of the actions are included in the storyboard thread. We’re way past the “jumping to get a look through the hole” scene (already done by tharrell) and you should concentrate on what we need for these shots.

The red numbers on the storyboards are the scene numbers. Please use them on your file names (i.e. or


Kirt… anyone… Im having trouble figuring out the story... it says he crowd surfs... the Greys move Orange towards the hole... giving me the impression for some reason they are helping him now? but that doesnt seem to fit the previous part of the story where they want nothing to do with him… or are they trying to get rid of him now seeing their chance to get rid of this weird abnormal cube? Cos then later on he is then jumping on them to get more height? Is he just using them and their effort to get rid of him to get out of this place?

Am I thinking too much?


got it Kirt…sorry about the confusion. I’ve started from shot 034. The camera’s have been renamed to show the shot sequence and the scene names will reflect this as you have stated as well. More to come.


Cowie: The grays aren’t helping him on purpose – they’re in a panic as Orange was charging at them and he ends up bouncing on top of them. Think of it as chaotic, like being in the pit of a concert and literally being picked up and tossed around – but somehow it’s the push he needs. Have you seen the animatic that’s posted here?

Rens: I wouldn’t describe animating as hard or easy. It’s just something you ‘get’ – some people have a better eye for motion and timing than others, that’s all. In terms of the software, if you haven’t used Maya much you might get frustrated getting up to speed quickly at this stage with animation controls, graphs, etc – not to mention the steep learning curve with Mental Ray GI. I’d try and concentrate on one piece, but please feel free to download the rig and play with it. It’s the only way to find out if you can do it, and more importantly, if you love doing it :slight_smile:

Kirt: Not to speak for Remi, but I think he misunderstood the starting point he was assigned – I think he started on my first board instead of his – hence my nudge a little while ago.

Everyone: No worries – we’ve got a bunch of people just joining us and it’s going to take a day or two for them to soak in the production and get up to speed. I, for one, am ecstatic to see more progress being made, even if we get a false start or two! :wip: :wip: :wip:

Cheers, guys!



I agree, Tharrel! It’s fantastic seeing the ‘newbies’ joining us! Maybe I’ll post a general call for animators in the forum? That may spark off a few more people?? We can never have too many people to block- after all, we’re just blocking now. Refinements come later!

Right now, we’re going for SPEED. Quality will come ‘later’ and depend on how much time we have. We are on a deadline for this, after all.

Above all, have fun!:bounce: :love:


By the way, Remi…

Would you mind if I incorporate a little of your twitchy crouch into my section once I get a chance to refine a little more? It may not be able to be used for yours, but that’s no reason to let a great beat like that go to waste. :wink:

It’s got a lot more life and curiosity than my initial jump (the latest on my section is here, btw).

Keep on rockin’ guys!



Tharell - Thanks, yes I was talking about the software. I’ll give it a go tomorrow and see how it goes. :slight_smile:


tharrell…go right ahead man…that’s what it’s for…feel free to use anything and i’ll do the same:)


FunkyCowie - Exactly what Tharrell said in his post. The gray cubes are sort of involutarily helping Orange towards his goal. They are in a panic-flee mode and Orange is using this to his advantage to get some speed and height so he can make it to the hole. He’s using them. Think of the gray cubes in this scene as a herd of zebras running from a predator, in which they blindly assist Orange in achieving his goal. It’s not that they want to help it’s that they (in a panic) just happen to help by means of dumb luck.

Remi - No harm done, I just wanted to make sure we don’t do the same scenes over again.


This is the correct sequence start yes? I hope so. I’m not sure where tharrell left off so I just went from the previs and boards. I’d like to add a little more emotion to the beginning to show fatigue or frustration. Any comments on what I have here so far would be great…i’m adding cameras to the scene per shot, I hope that is ok as well. I haven’t deleted what I had I just kept going. As for the grey’s, I assume i’m using the same cube as orange…my question is…I import orange…change him to grey…but now how do I duplicate him so he has all of the controls or do I need to keep importing oranges? And about how many should I have in my scenes? Is there a set number? Might be a good idea so we’re consistant. Anyhue…here’s what I have so far. QT Sor3


Remi - How many gray cubes are in the room? Good question. Reviewing the boards there are scenes in which it appears about 15-20 cubes are present. When doing your animation, it’s not really important to include all of them though. We’re including many and few in different scenes and it’ll show that there is a small crowd occupying the room, but an exact number isn’t really neccessary if you ask me.

When you animate your scenes include as many grays in the shot that are needed to convey the feeling of a small group but in scenes such as the “crowd surf” don’t over-populate the shot because it’s going to be difficult to manage the movements for each cube and keep consistancy with previous and later shots.

If in doubt for a crowd scene, it’s OK to start small and block in animation steps for the action needed. If additional “extras” are needed, they can be easily added in the background later (to make the count consistent with the other scenes).

Re: your clip - Good start, but remember the camera placement is important. Scene 35 is a down shot to give the character a feeling of insignificance and Scene 36 cuts to a closeup to emphasize his determination to succeed. Think about the characters motivations and the story that is being told in each shot. Act out the scene yourself in front of a video camera or mirror (if available) so that you can get a better understanding of the character before you start working on the scene.


Hey Kirt…I tried to match up my camera to the one in the previs(a closeup of orange with the hole still visable behind him)…would you like it to be closer? I can do that. And as for acting it out on vid…always. What did you think of the blocking so far? I think there could be a little more emotion at the beginning right before he turns and looks behind him. Perhaps a slump and some breathing type motions to give it a frustrated/lost hope type of feeling. Then when he looks back I was thinking…‘whoa, hey…maybe if I get a running start’ type of attitude which would bring a bit of hope back into his mission. Then i’ll show the grey’s in the group across the room and cut back to orange and he’ll hop once and then it’ll cut to his hop across the room. Let me know what you think about that type of mood. As that’s what I get from the boards. But any feedback from you will greatly help. As for the crowd surfing, am I responsible for 034-044 or just to 041? I was under the impression that I was responsible for 034-041.


After watching the previz about 4 times it was still unclear to me about what really was happening in this crowd shot even with the storyboard description. I hadn`t read anything about this short before volunteering, I just felt the viewer will find this part un clear as I did… so now I know just how much expression I need to put into the greys and build up oranges hope for freedom and change as he gets closer to his goal and make it much more obvious, otherwise the viewers will be left wondering like i was :smiley:

It seems I have an awful lot to animate, which I dont mind, I just didint want to animate only to find what I was doing was incorrect.

Just another point to keep consistency… How many Greys are there?

EDIT: Nevermind just saw that there are 15-20 greys

REMI: I`m doing the crowd surfing 42-44 :slight_smile: