Group ONE- Animation, Texturing, Lighting.


Group 1:
Derbyqsalano,diogo dubiella, sheepfactory. {These guys will get the juiciest scenes}

—>WyattHarris (textures)

---->CornfielD and Alex York. {lighting}

Ok. This is how it will work. For these particular scenes, work with each other. If you want any TECHNICAL help from other animators/texturers/lighters, post in the main animation/texturing/lighting threads that I shall put up in the main forum.

You guys are in charge of :

and also

Please let me know if this is to your liking!!

PM me if you have any questions.

Here is the finished Pre-vis: (fixed)

When the animators finish a scene, post it in the ‘animation’ thread and have it approved by Kirt. Then give it over to the texturer, who will then give it over to the lighter. Each finished step will be posted in the relevant thread {animation, texturing, lighting} to be critted by Kirt.

Off you go!


Does anyone want to do a particular animation, sound off…


It looks like you got em all :)… hopefully there will be a bit more volunteers soon :slight_smile:
Its already second production day and we still havent managed to get rig for you. that´ll be fixed quite soon!

I am maybe starting today to make some lightning tests and I am trying add some dramatic/cheerfull atmosphere for these shots! most propably we need quite many lightning rigs, I can´t see us doing this with one kick ass setup…

so basicly I just came to say that your not alone in this group… I am not much help for animation though!


It’s delegation time!

Diogo dubiella- 34-41

BimBam- 47-50

Ali- 42-46
Time to start wrasslin’!


ok! great! :thumbsup:
I will be starting the animations! (34-41)

diogo dubiella


fun stuff , i’ll have some rough blocking ready soon.

One other thing ,

there is no frame limit or guideline anywhere in the previz? are we free to use whatever we want? also are we supposed to do the layout ourselves? I thought the layout guys would take care of that and give us the scene ready to animate with the frame limits and camera already finaled in there.


There is a pre-vis version available in the Finished Files thread that has a timestamp included. You can use this as a guide for the timing in your shots. But, don’t let that limit your scenes. If you need to make the shot shorter or longer for your animation … go ahead and take some artistic liberties.

The camera can be set by the animators, but adjustments may be made in your scene files later. Try to mimic the pre-vis reel’s camera placement in each shot but don’t be afraid of change. It’s not a major concern at this point. Cameras can be easily moved if the shot is not working.

You just need to focus on the animation and get through that part first.


no see thats a BIG problem.

what works from one angle will not work from another , we’ll be animating to the camera and if you change the angle later on none of the poses we set up for the shot will read as well. ask any animator :slight_smile:

i’d really like to have final camera settings before we start animating to. Worst case we the animators should do a quick layout test and rough blocking and if you approve we’ll continue.


Well you won’t be moving the camera to the opposite side of the room for any shot. I’m talking real minor shifts in camera angles if needed.

Don’t change a low angle shot to an overhead shot, for example. The angles and placement of the camera for the storyboards and pre-vis reel all have a reason behind them. Dramatic changes in camera placement will cause story breaks in the final film.

As I said … try to mimic the camera placement in the pre-vis reel.

Block out animation tests is a good idea. But, I thought that was a given. :shrug:


Texturing is being worked out at this time. Most likely everyone will get the completed textures at the same time.

I’ll be in touch.


One week has gone by … anything here yet?


Just to let you know- EVERYONE MUST HAVE AT LEAST the BLOCKING done by the 15th!! After that, we shall refine more. OK?


Erilaz–>replacing Derby
Remi–>replacing Diogo Dubiella.
Funkycowie—>sharing Sheepfactory’s scenes.


So I’m doing what now? :slight_smile: I’m trying to catch up here. If I’m using max, what is my final rig and scene? I’ve lost track!:scream: Need to make sure the load on my time isn’t going to make you fall behind schedule!

EDIT: Just read that Maya will be used for final work. I guess that means I’m out. Sorry. :sad:


I have derby’s rigged box and I have the hole in the wall. Is there any models I should need to download anywhere. I looked and couldn’t find. But i’m ready to work on 34-41. Just want to make sure I have all of the up to date materials. I will get started with what I have.



Derby’s rig isn’t the one you should be using – this one is, and this room.

The room and rig should be referenced in your scene file, and then the room should be scaled to .1 in x,y and z.

A couple more questions you’re probably going to have with answers that are scattered all over the threads here:

You’re more than welcome to temp in orange and gray lamberts for the room, etc. I couldn’t get the feel for the scene without them personally.

Do your blasts at 640x355 resolution, 24FPS. Preferably Quicktime Sorenson 3 codec, if not Cinepak AVIs are ok too. This is so people critting or editing can scrub forward and back, as MPEG-based codecs (DivX,Xvid,Mpeg-4,etc) get garbled when you jump around.

Ali put a script up that you should drag to your shelf and run when it comes time to make playblasts. It overlays the frame number to facilitate critting and editing. Turn that on, and turn off skeletons and control objects. You can grab it here.

The blendshapes in the rig don’t work 100%, and some of the features are a little buggy, but I found it as-is more than versatile enough to get a fair amount of refinement in the little guy’s performance once I got used to it. M.E.L. and CornFeld will be updating the rig at a later date once time allows.

I stuck really close to the animatic on my first stab at my scenes, but Kirt had me push a lot further to get a good performance. The framing of the shots shouldn’t be deviated from too much, but don’t feel like you have to match timings or exact movements. Performance is the key word, and the more we’re able to emotionally involve the audience, the better.

Dig in, man, and welcome to the party. I can’t wait to see what you do with your shots.



OK so it seems Ive been assigned to help the almighty sheepfactory with scenes... but I need assignments and files and some idea of what Im doing then I’ll be ready to rock an roll :slight_smile:


I’m rocking and rolling:) Thanks tharrell for the above post and for the help last night. Helped greatly.:slight_smile:



All of the files you need are in the post right above yours, and I have a suspicion that Theresa will get you a proper assignment ASAP.

I’d dive in and get used to the rig and its limitations so you’re ready to rock when you get the proper assignment – set up your file structures, install scripts, set up a master scene with references, etc.

One thing I’ve noticed is that in the rig, Orange is a little shorter than in the storyboards, so I’ll tell you what I told Remi…

I generally translated the control rings up between .6 and 1 in Y to make him taller based on his mood and level of confidence. It matches the scaling in the boards a little better, and it also gives a nice little subliminal cue to the audience.

I’ve also noticed that translates and rotates on the rig ‘swim’ a little bit. For example, if you crouch Orange down and bend him forward like at the bottom of a bounce, then rotate-X on the control rings, the translates swim by extremely tiny amounts – too tiny to see in the graph editor, in fact, and it’ll drive you nuts unless you get in the habit of doing key selected in passes for rotates and translates. “S” key == evil.

Right now I’m working on a quasi FAQ with paperclip which will contain a little rig documentation, tech specs for blasts, file formats, etc – all the info we have to dig for right now will end up in a single sticky, so hold tight.

Remi: glad to hear you’re up to speed. Let’s see what you’ve got!



couple of hours and i’ll post my first playblast…be on the lookout…look forward to some good crits.