the successor of GripTools for C4D


Introducing: griptools.‌io

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new and groundbreaking application! griptools.‌io is node-based, a network of small virtual instruments. offers:

  • Input of physical motion using HID game controllers, MIDI devices, OSC apps, our new iXplorer AR tracking/mocap app, or MAXON CINEMA 4D
  • Nodes to visualize, modify and/or convert your data
  • Output of data to MAXON CINEMA 4D or hardware like servo motors, Art-Net, or Arduino controllers

Learn more about

Also introducing: iXplorer AR
Now available for iOS!

iXplorer AR is a powerful real-time animation tool as a motion tracker. It delivers high accuracy rotation and position data (full 6-DOF). Use the data to control cameras or other objects in a MAXON CINEMA 4D scene with your iPhone or iPad (and see the video’s on the website).

iXplorer AR makes a huge timesaver for 3D animation. griptools‌.io includes extensive support for this groundbreaking app.Learn more about iXplorer AR


I used GripTools in the early days to drive my Cameraanimations with a Midi-Controller. Was great Fun.
The IPhone Input looks great. But with a Subsctiption model that is half the Price of a C4D Studio MSA per year you exclude 95% of all users.
I am out. Even if I would use it on 3 Project per year…You could have my dollars without Subscription.


I must agree w/Holger. A subscription model is something I generally avoid…and $400 a year is a tough toll fee.

I’ve been anticipating your release w/interest but those aren’t terms I’d be interested in.

It looks like an engineering marvel, but few users will have need of employing more than one or two of the modules. And most folks will only have occasion to use the app on 1-3 projects a year.


Some cool stuff, but indeed $499 (past the first year) feels too much for me to justify buying it.

I’d only use a few of the modules, a few times a year… so while I could hope to amortize it over a couple of years if it was a plain sale, as a subscription model it’d more and more wasted money every year.

I don’t see a technical reason for this to be on subscription either (eg : ongoing recurring costs for servers, bandwidth etc…). It’s not like what is inside will stop working if development stops…

This looks nonetheless like a cool set of tools to do motion control and virtual cameras with C4D (if your phone supports it).


Jesus I have been so excited about this. But that price just stinks imo. What a shame.


Subscription model… yep, nope. Not going to happen here.


Software subscription models are like the flu. Nobody wants it. But everybody eventually gets it. :smiley:

This looks like a very nice collection of I/O tools. Could be very useful in VFX production and such, and could also extend C4D for scientific uses, prototyping and other areas.

But do yourself a favor and give people a non-subscription option as well.

Adobe and Autodesk were only able to force subscription on users because tens of thousands of companies are badly locked into their products.

And even with their huge size and long history, it has trashed their reputations as companies completely in the eyes of many.

In the past for example, Adobe used to be loved by many people. These are the people, after all, who gave use Photoshop way back in the day.

Now to a lot of people Adobe are “assholes who forced us into subscription”.

Another problem is that people are getting pissed off with having to keep track of all these subscriptions.

The old model is best. Buy. Download. Install. Use.


I agree with whats been said. If you must go subscription then bring the price down. Coming from the perspective of someone who has never heard of this tool set there is no chance of me even considering it.

I think the most fair option for all software company’s is to offer a rent to own so your customer gets to keep the software, you get a steady influx of cash, and if they value the product enough they can take a subscription out to keep it up to date. If its the case where there is hardly any updates then bring then subscription down, and offer a discount after the first year if they stay on the subscription.

They are all at it, I hate subscription myself, the more software we use the more we keep paying out for something we never own. I stopped at Adobe Photoshop CS5, and will never go subscription with Adobe, same goes for The Foundry even more they charge +50% penalty for every year you miss a maintenance including them years missed for their collective products on your own perpetual licence.

Unfold3D have the right idea, rent to own and a reasonable price, but excellent software.



I saw a high speed video recently, where the physical camera was moving at impossible speeds, predetermined by the 3D software and controlled by a robotic arm. Is it possible with this software, to manipulate such a rig? Just out of curiosity.

From briefly reading what this could be capable of. It seems like you’re trying to change up the game a little with regard to what can be accomplished when bridging apps together. Seeing that your focus and faith lies with the power of C4D, my hat is off to you for that. And I’m perhaps the only one who isn’t going to moan about the pricing.


Looks very interesting and a funny concept for a C4D Plugin.
But on theese terms I also say: No thank you, I’m out.

But good luck nevertheless.

Kind Regards,


Meet our new licensing system can be used in many fields of application. We are proud of that and want to stimulate some (now distant) disciplines to get closer.

But not all customers want to use all options. We have learned that not all people appreciated the fixed subscription system that included all nodes. That’s why we have redesigned our licensing system and rebuild our store. We’ve moved from the fixed subscription to a flexible licensing system. You can now simply select what nodes to include in your license, and use the software without any subscription. This ensures that you can now get what you need within your budget!

Thanks to your feedback, just got more accessible to a wider audience. Check out the new package licensing