It seems like that the plugin is dead.

I really could need it for some projects.

Are there any alternatives?


Could you describe the functions of the plugin ?


It let you control many individual choosen aspects of C4D via input of a midi controller or other input devices.

Camera movement, animations, object attributes, sliders etc.


I’ve found these but I don’t know how legit they are
GripTools iXplorer


Unfortunately those didn’t work with the newest C4D releases.


animidi Doesn’t work on R23
cinema4d-midi-plugin For R18
miditranslator OSX, don’t know how much it could help in C4D…
control4d free


Actually I had planned to develop something like this for a long time. Back in the old days I was working in automation industry and real time busses were my daily “fun”. made it not look like a worthwhile project, though. I saw no need for another plugin providing similar functionality.

Now, if you are in need, don’t expect it for free and maybe find it interesting to get something fitted to your needs, feel free to contact me via PM. I wouldn’t expect you to take over the entire development expenses. Lets rather have some chat about your exact needs (which busses you need supported, which requirements you have,…) and then we could see where we end up.


Another similar plugin (supports R23):


Looks as if Direct Control is rather uni directional, I mean it looks as if you could control content in C4D with a controller. As far as I understood NRubic (I may well be wrong), a bidirectional solution is needed. Like for example controlling cameras or lights on set/stage via a C4D scene.