Grin Studios lets go of 160 people


Sad news today.

Not sure of the specifics but apparently Sweden has been taking a hammering.

This really sucks because I was hoping to work there one day. Seemed like a cool company.

Anyway I wanted to post this so headhunters could get ready.

Good luck in finding new positions guys. Talent always finds a way.


Dang, didn’t they just come out with two games? (Terminator: Salvation and Bionic Commando)


Yes i believe they did,…sad …i also had Grin on my applications list…
There is some huge talent working there.
Good luck to you all involved,


They are closing the Gothenburg studio and the Barcelona studio and letting 30 ppl go at the head office.

There is your security in known IP’s ladies and gentlemen.
I keep telling my friends… its the end of an era for the games industry.


Sad news indeed. But they are probably done with a lot of work in their recent projects and are letting the people go because they don’t have any more work for them.

Got any link to a source?


Dang, didn’t they just come out with two games? (Terminator: Salvation and Bionic Commando)

dont forget about the game they did called Wanted


That’s right, they did that, too. Wow. I didn’t realize how big they were until right after completing Wanted, they released two other games within a week or two of each other.


very sad indeed, I have excellent colleagues and friends in Grin Barcelona…


There is certainly a change going on, the era of super large and large studios is coming to an end. And you know what? I think that’s a very good thing. It will allow room for more innovation and experiments since there will be lower costs and therefore lower risks involved.


damn thats a shame, they had some good games, good luck to people reloacting


im not sure but i think its ‘normal’ (but very sad of course) since they just did 3 games in year.

hope the best for the developers :slight_smile:


wouldn’t it be like four games because they also made bionic commando rearmed which was a remake of the old nes classic.

here is the link


I have friends working at Grin here in Gothenburg.
The fate of the office depends on that comes out of E3 i have been told.
If interest is low on E3 it’s definitely bye bye.

Sad. But I get your point about large studios though. Sometimes i feel these large studios spend too much money on story writing, actors, mocap and stuff. You get more movie than a game almost. Perhaps people are fed up with destructive postapocalypsism.
I wish studios would go more for creative games wich let the player work creativly, like in the old days. It’s just so much FPS gunning today and the only creative aspect of it would be how well you can aim for headshot.

I would say the indie scene is much more vibrant in a way. It’s ofcourse more resource limited and the games are generally shorter and less complex. But the creativity is very refreshing and some times very oldskool (we who have been around since the begining apreaciate stuff like that.) Games i’m refering to would be Knytt, Fez, Aquaria, The Path, Braid, Blueberry Garden, Feist ect. I know some of these are not released yet but my point it even few people can make great games.

I wish all Halo-kids would discover and realize this.
Hope it turns out okay for Grin though.


The problem in videogame industry I think is not to make more creative games, it’s the games are so expensive to create and sometimes you don’t get profit.


Yes, that was my point.
Much hightech expensive production elements will ruin the result in many cases.
From what i have learned when working with games there’s no need for a story to make a great game. Your single goal could be to save a princess in a castle, you don’t need anything else as long as gameplay is enjoyable. The way i see it is big studios spend too much time doing storylines that interferes with gameplay too often. If you want story then make a movie instead. Thing is, elements like that costs money, people and time.

But i’m actually drawn towards the indie scene because i find much more interesting stuff there. Perhaps because i have been into the scene for so long i have seen most things history had to offer and want new mind blowing stuff.

I understand the standard Halo-kid won’t care much for the art of games like i do and the Halo-kid is probably where all the money lies anyway.


Im not too sure about that statement. Studios large or small in the end need to make money it’s crucial to there survival - and with that trying to stay a float there less likely to make something completely original, an unknown IP can be considered a risk.

Now once an IP does become a success, and you make sequels the problem comes in trying to keep them fresh and unique - essentially you caught between a rock and a hard place:To make a unique IP, or existing one - and if its successful making its sequels successful.

Both require shitloads of cash. Ontop of this were meant to be able to look into to future maybe 2-4 years! and hope and prey that our new IP or sequel hit our audience right on the money. Game developement isnt easy.

Perpetual success in entertainment is hard an i can only think of Pixar as a company that manages to pull it off.


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