Grey bars.. and how do i remove them?


I attached an image with the camera through the rotoscope. the image attached is much wider than its height. and so is my viewport. how do i fix this?


you probably set your rotoscope to be attached to camera, which might not be so good for views that aren’t meant to be used as one with all the perks.

Go in the rotoscopy options, select fixed, and then you can change placement and size. That’s a better way to work with “image planes” style rotoscoping.

When doing that bear in mind that width and height are ratio Dependant (so changing one below or above the other’s threshold might seem to do nothing), and that the offset is world axis dependent, so not all axis do something immediately noticeable in all views (IE X is depth in the right view, so offsetting it will do little for something always drawn in the background, but it might affect placement when you change the “right” camera to point somewhere else with the ortho buttons at the top of the view)


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