Greetings! Where do I go to.. ?



I am new to this community. I registered because I kept coming back here while searching for portfolios.
I am currently putting together a team for a video game production project, but after reading the rules concerning such things I realize I cannot post it here because it is a kickstarter project and the funds have not yet been raised.

So the obvious question becomes; Where do I go to find these wonderful people?
Where can I go to seek out interested people?

I always taught that offering good money to people for something they like to do would be easier than offering minimum wage for something they hate doing. Trying to put together this team is starting to prove Me wrong!

Any advice ?


You could try posting in our collab forum:

But please note that you must not include links to your Kickstarter project in the thread (you are, however, more than welcome to place a link to your campaign in your signature, just don’t post threads which aim to advertise it).


But the rules of the collab forum states that We cannot offer paid jobs there.
The point of having a kickstarter is to pay the people in the team, so this IS paid jobs.

I seem to be in a in-between void.


If the intention is to pay people you can post in the jobs section. If you want freelancers you can put that in the thread title.

Edit: If you can pay people, not the intention thereof. My mistake.


You are in a void, that’s a good observation.
You need to separate the two thoughts.

Getting the project funded is one thing, that’s your kickstarter bit, and as Leigh said you are welcome to have it in your signature, and if you have work to show for it to drum up interest then why not post it in the gallery and point out it’s for the project in your signature? It’s close to a grey area, but you can keep it classy and get interest while being low key and non obtrusive about it, which is not only a matter of the rules here, but also one of configuring your online figure the right way (you don’t want to be the obtrusive project guy :slight_smile: ).

Separately from that you have recruitement. Once you have the funds it doesn’t matter that they come from kickstarter, Warner Brothers, or you mom’s pension fund. You have funds, and you want to trade your liquidity for service, at that point you are a valued employer like any other and you’re more than welcome to post job offers for work you can pay for in the jobs section.

Your only, and I’d add common, mistake is that you blur the line between the nature of the project’s take off and how it will be run.
Kickstarter takes care of financing, it shouldn’t change how you perceive responsibility (being able to deliver on the promise of paying if you accept a candidate), or how you drum up interest during the recruitement (which should be in the project itself and what you have of it, not in how it was financed).

To get the project itself funded, beside what I mentioned above, this is not a good first website, and you should cast your net a lot wider. For that, forget it’s CG, and forget this website features amazing artists, look at successful creative projects that managed to get funded and act similarly to get yours funded.
Social media virality, news articles and so on. Get Joe Average to want it to happen, there are millions of Joe Average out there that fund creative projects, making it happen from there on is where this website might come into play, but not the money bit before then.


Thanks for your insight people.

This is not my first website where I go to recruit people. In fact I have most of the team recruited, I’m just casting a wider net by asking here also.

My point was that since the funds WILL be raised on kickstarter, I cannot yet pay anyone so I cannot claim this is a job. (And sub-contracting is technically not employment.)
And since I plan to pay my team, this ISN’T a collaboration either.

So I end up in a grey area.

Anyway, things are looking up since my first post.
E-mailing universities is really the way to go when recruiting for this sort of projects.


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