Greetings Everyone! New Forum Leader Here!


Hio All,

I’d like to introduce myself as a new forum leader for the Digital Matte Painting forum, as well as helping out to moderate the CG General Discussion and the 2D Gallery section. It’s a great honor to further serve fellow artists in the community, and I hope to help Jaime Jasso reinvigorate this forum with some new Matte Painting Challenges, feedbacks and critiques, as well as any general questions regarding our industry.

I’m also the online Photo Real Matte Painting instructor for CGWorkshops for about 5 years now, and I’ve been a senior cinematic artist at Blizzard Entertainment since 2006. Part 1 of my workshop will be underway next week, and Part 2 of the class some time will be held at the end of the summer. I hope you all can join my workshop some time!

Please post here any ideas that you think would help bring fresh vigor to this forum, or any other comments that will make this forum better. It opened in 2006, and has been wonderfully moderated by Jaime ever since. Let’s make it better and better! Veterans and new people welcome in the discussion, the more the merrier!

Happy Lunar New Year of the Snake! :slight_smile: Have a wonderful week and New Year!! :beer:


Cool idea to bring in another forum leader to help back up Jaime. We all know how much pressure vfx work puts on our time, another enthusiastic forum leader to lighten the load might inject a new lease of life.


Thanks Nick. Yeah definitely we all understand the crunches of deadlines and it’ll be great to help breathe extra 1-ups into the forum!

Also a question for everyone, how do you use this website vs another such as…do you use both? Which do you prefer and why?


yeah ! a new great addition to revive this forum, we’ll be working together so , step by step we’ll be making this the best matte painting forum, ! welcome David and I encourage everyone to give us ideas on anything we can do to make this a great inspirational forum

cheers David ! :beer:


sounds good to me - David was a great instructor on the workshop - and I look forward to participating in some challenges here. I’m about to bite the bullet and take 6 months off work so should have no excuses.


Hio Dave!

Great to see you here, and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: We hope to get the challenges rolling soon, but again always open to any comments on what it could be about next and the level of difficulty.



I’d be keen to tackle something where there’s scope to use 3D ideally and something vast and epic would be my preference however I’ll take part regardless of theme.


Welcome David!

I do hope we can revive this forum. This have changed a lot since I was here…

Maybe we can have another round of challenge? To get some personal work out at least… and have fun…


little by little word will spread , and more fellow matte painters/ environment artist will come back, now that Matte painting is turning into almost full 3D environments this is a broader discipline than it was before, feel free to invite anyone interested we’ll be here


Eric: Yes definitely! We’ll be doing full rounds of marketing and promotion of the forum again soon, and are planning the big challenge and prizes in the coming few months. Btw conggrats on the Jack and the Giant Slayer work!!
Jaime: Definitely! The snow will fall lightly, and then before you know it, an avalanche of fun! :slight_smile:


Thanks David, that show was fun and a bit punishing… but if you really think about it… what show isn’t? Thats why dmatte is always challenging and fun as discipline.

Looking forward to the challenges and hoping that I have some time to work on it…


HEhe you’re totally right! :slight_smile: For the challenges, we hope to start one April/May sometime!!


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