GreenShadow Town, Yang Bo (3D)


Used it as my wallpaper!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

LOVE the rainy day!!!


very good CG


Nice work!! congrats Yang :beer:


Wow !! Great Job ! The village scene looks beautiful and very vibrant. I like the rainy weather, it really adds to the mood of the piece.


I absolutely love the color scheme from the first image, the second one is great too but the ambience is more inviting in the other one. :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: award wining job :slight_smile: :beer:


Arthuryang. What an awe inspiring piece of work. You said it took five months to complete in your spare time. Would it be safe to assume that your spare time was at night? How many hours a day did you usually dedicate to it?


Yes I spent 1or 2 hours on this work each day at night or part of my weekend…
I always hope i can have a continuous time for my personal creation, but I was always busy on my job and I need to take care of my little baby…:slight_smile:


This is very good. It would make an amazing game environment like someone said earlier.
This is also very inspiring to me as well.

Well done and I hope to see more amazing work from you in the future.


Awesome work. 5 months? Nice.


I love the light and the atmosphere. Great job.


I like the details of the windows and designs of the buildings.
I’m curious as to how many models you created for this scene.
And may I see the render and how you light the scene?

Its a beautiful work of an environment, especially if its geared towards gaming.
The only thing I feel lacking is the liveliness of the people.
Maybe they could interact with each other or the environment more.


details i like it very much :eek:


Beautiful! I could really see this as a city in a video game…


love the color and lights so much


Fantastic work!


This piece is beautiful.

With that said, have you ever thought of adding some displacement mapping to the stone road? In the first one it wasn’t very noticeable, but since the view the second one was from was closer to the ground the flatness of the road became a lot more obvious. If that was added you piece would be even more stunning.


Really love the level of detail and colors in this city scene. It really resonated with me and gave me a strong emotional response. Great job!


Very nice work! good design and and very accurate composition


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