GreenShadow Town, Yang Bo (3D)


Title: GreenShadow Town
Name: Yang Bo
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hi guys, I have uploaded my new 3D picture.
I didn’t do any of my own complete 3D creation about 3 years.This time I spent 5 month my spare time to finish it finally,cheers:)
Welcome to GreenShadow Town, you can create your own story and enjoy it:)


This is great! you must be really patinet to finish this picture. I really like it, great mood, and very inspiring.


Great work, if it was a game environment i would love to explore it!


Very nice work! :slight_smile:


Looks like a good place to visit!


Very beautiful,:thumbsup:


Interesting traditional Chinese style,your scene is greatly designed and it is worth your 5 months of hard work. :thumbsup:


really great stile i must say love it :slight_smile:


great details i like it very much :beer:


Incredible details!
Excellent composition and colors!


very nice work :wink:


Nice town! Great mood!


This is simply stunning. Gorgeous work!


Beutifull work, very appealing colours and composition. :]


I’m glad that all of you like my picture, please don’t hesitate to give some suggestions I still

want to improve it.

Here I made another mood for the scene, GreenShadow Town in rainy day,hope you like it:)


I’d add that the only weak elements are the people, the single ones just standing around. I like the other ones who appear to be doing things, but the solitary ones look stiff and simply placed to fill the scene. If those could be arranged to create little stories (someone buying/stealing something, old men chatting, etc.) that would really help.

But I love it anyway.


Very beautiful mood setup in both images, would love to see some animation in this seen :wink:

Great Work :applause:



Thanks for your suggestion, you are right, I was not patient enough before I almost finished this scene.
Hope I will have time to improve it later


Goodness gracious I’d love to explore this environment in a video game. My fave of the week.


I hope one day I can make my favourite video game and putting lots of my creation into it:)