greenbox lighting help needed


recently, i shot some test scenes with a colleague so we could create some concept artwork, see how well the integration works, etc. - turns out… the integration doesn’t really work that well.

even though pretty much nothing in the screenshots below is finished, the person still should already fit the environment very well. i can’t really put my finger on it, but something seems wrong.

the second screenshot shows the unaltered greenscreen footage. we tried to go for very diffuse lighting, since the sky is clouded and there’s this red barrier and i actually thought that we managed to get it right but why does it still look off? :confused:

thanks in advance for any help… i really hope somebody here can give us some tips…


with such a bright sky your character would have a very dark back. At the moment he is too bright and still has too much green in him compared to your red environment.
I did a very quick test in photoshop to show you what I mean,
I hope it might point you in the right direction.


thanks a lot, that was really helpful :slight_smile:


mh, mikael has got a good point with the foreground being too bright and too yellow/greenish. when comparing the first concepts with his version, that becomes obvious. allthough we already reduced the green… it was seemingly not enough.

i created yet another version with the figure only slightly darker and in exchange tried to lighten the background a little so it equals a wider aperture (also added a bit of glow to the brighter areas of the background). tried this compromise to preserve details like the wrinkles on the dark clothes.


i'd appreciate your feedback. :)

thanks and greetings - vv
btw. yep, I'm the colleague ;)


Glad to be of assistance.
I would still say that he has a too bright back. I don’t really think you can get a good compromise and see those folds if you want him to merge with the background.

Something else I did on the quicky was to add a gradient, making him darker at the bottom.


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