Green Hornet, * José Gómez (2D)


Title: Green Hornet
Name: * José Gómez
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

This piece was created in Photoshop CS3. I wanted to create a movie poster for the television series. Starting from a sketch I just started adding layers of textures and color blends until I was satisfied.


I think you used too many filters for texture and effect on this one. It makes it look like an old movie poster, and is taking away from your subject matter and composition. but the characters and subjects themselves are very nice. keep it up.


were any photos used?


I did want to give it that retro feel. ANd yes I did find reference which I drew from.


what does “draw from” mean?
you looked at a photo and drew this or you brought the photo into photoshop and manipulated it? im curious…


this is nice :slight_smile: like em



To clarify I drew the image from reference in pencil, and then inked it and styled it to make it more graphic, with heavy black tones. Scanned it and manipulated it in Photoshop.


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