Green Cargo, David Cathro (3D)


Title: Green Cargo
Name: David Cathro
Country: Sweden
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

3D model of the Swedish Rc Train with Green Cargo livery.
30,000 poly model made in 3DS max, rendered with Vray and composited with backround in photoshop.

Wireframe can be seen here:-

All comments welcome


xlent work…
keep it up…
**** from me.


Really nice work. My only crit is you might consider making your reflective surfaces a little more glossy.


hi davec! nice work. Few suggestions
Reflections are very high, may b u can work on the textures and compositing a bit to enhance ur quality :beer:


looking good, the reflections are a bit too high in the body section.

it will be nice to add some dirt and rust textures to make it even better.


Thanks for the comments everyone.

Here is one of the reference photos of the real train.


oh my god , real image u a great very good work & detalis i like .

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:


excellent stuff.


nice work dude…good luck :beer:


i love it good work


Awesome,xerox of the original,very good…:beer:
u should look out for(hdri)reflections,very strong right now…engine looks very clean :smiley:


Great piece! 5*


Very nice work, so close to the original. I’d be interested to see it by itself from a different angle.


Awesome. Very well modeled. The one thing I would have changed is that I find the reflections to be a tiny bit too strong.


great job man!


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