Greeble/Nurnies for Lightwave?


Lightwave have a plugin or script to make tons of simple primitives to fill an area?


martian plumber (martian.p) used to do that on 5.6. Dunno if it 's still around and/or working.


I looked at the link you posted and thought it looked a lot like some work I’ve done with bevels before. Here is a sample of what I made in LW. I started off with a cube, deleted the top polygon, flipped the others, selected them, then set to work hitting what was left with bevels (using the +/- controls for randomness) and subdivides. The light-emitting object I threw into the scene for illumination.

Greebling is very usefull, but I often remind myself it is not an excuse for lazy modelling, bad texturing, or bad lighting. I use this technique as a starting point, but if I were going after a specific project I would then go back through and hand tweak the shape that had been created. This technique could be used with any starting geometry.

640x480 image rendered with DLP-3 anti-aliasing, one volumetric light, noise reduction, and Monte Carlo radiosity set to 3x9. Time to render was at least a half hour on my computer.


It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it might help:


I’m looking to use Pointclone plus (or some other type of clone substitute) to do what I have to do.
SirReality, thats a great piece of work but what I wanted is a lutle automatition to fill in ton of volumes. Looks good though…

Anybody use Meshpaint?


The Clonez plugin (available at Flay) should do the trick. Set it to clone based on the background object’s polygon normals and then give it a range of sizes. You’ll have to select the polys to clone onto, but that’s shouldn’t be too much work.




I’m a big time abuser of bevel +/- for doing random box/square stuff, especially a couple in a row or combined with Random Surfacer for mixing things up afterwards.

Probably the best cloner out there IMO and my favorite thing lately is Pawel Olas’ Random Cloner, it can definitey be bent towards these kinds of needs and has lots of controls. Definitely saved me way more than the shareware cost’s worth of time on my last project.


Bevel +/- works great, but I get a bit more control using Pawel’s Random Cloner. 2 minutes minues render - attached.


clonez not on flay, this should be it


Interesting. If you do a plug-in search on Flay for Clonez, it gives you a direct download. I wonder if Christopher knows about this link?


Unfortunately there isn’t a plugin like (3ds Max’s) Greeble for LW. I bought an earlier version of Max from a “divorce sale” basically so I could use Greeble. It’s a fantastic plugin
it’s super fast, very flexible, a terrific way to quickly detail up geometry.

As you’ve seen by the other posts, there are some workarounds for LW, but none of those come close in producing the same quality that the Greeble plugin does. Maybe someday someone like Eki will do Greeble for LW. His City Builder plugin is along those same lines.


Build it in Max and export to LW? only other option really, thats if you got Max and the plugin?:shrug:


That’s pretty much it. I still build the basic geometry in LW, export that section to Max, Greeble it up in Max, then take it back over to LW. The only hassle is going back and forth between two programs. It’s not a real big thing but it still adds a few minutes to the process. It’d be nice to have it all under one roof. :slight_smile:


That and the fact that MAX is a bit too expensive to be a viable option as a Greeble Plugin for LW, at least for most people… :wink:


What exactly does Greeble do? Are there any screenshots of the interface/end results?


Here’s a shot of greeble geometry. It took about 30 sec for the plugin to generate this from a flat plane. Once brought back into LW I did a poly reduction to convert all triangulated faces to quads. I think I ended up with about 450,000 polys for the final object. Don’t remember what the render time was. It didn’t take that long though.


Getting a “Invalid Attachment specified” when clicking your link. :frowning:

I was just thinking, with the ongoing discussion about Meshpaint in another thread, couldn’t that be used to add nurnies to an object? It’s meshpainting tools seem pretty powerfull and could probably used just as easily for primitives and boxes instead of hair or spikes…


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If somebody could post screenshots of the interface/options, that could increase the likelihood of somebody making something similar for LW. Shouldn’t be beyond lscripts powers.


OOooooohhh… :drool: Please and thank you in advance!!:bowdown: