Great White, Andrea Bertaccini (3D)


Title: Great White
Name: Andrea Bertaccini
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, combustion, Photoshop

I love that predator, i think is one of the most beautiful animal on the earth, is elegant and powerful.
The skin of white shark in the water, take the colour by all the ambient, but when he comes in ours element (is the only kind of shark that comes out of water with all the body), the skin become dark and shine.
I wanted to make an image that take this two situation at the same time, with a camera point of view.


I like it alot. Great job. Do you mind me asking how long the whole model > render process was? Oh and one thing I believe that it could use some more blood stains under the the bottom jaw :wink:



Holy cow man. That is absolutely awesome. 5 stars from me.


The part of the shark that’s above the water looks a bit too reflective, but that’s the only thing I have to put my finger on. The volumetric lighting under the water’s surface looks awesome.

Also, I agree with you about great whites; they’re gorgeous beings.


Fantastic image…you’ve achived your objective.I think the sun rays in the water are just great.:thumbsup:


Very Nice work. Only complaint i have is with the depth of field. above the water is different than below. if the tail above is out of focus than the back fin underwater should be the same. Overall nice work love the reflections in the water and the shark texture.


nice job dude


:applause: is perfect…


Awsome work! The textures lighting etc are really good. My only crit goes for the model. In overall it’s quite good but a Great White as a LOT more teeth than your model has, and the back fin looks too round, normaly they are a bit more pointy. Everything else it’s really really good including the water. Congratulations. Keep it up


wow, that looks amazing,
great everything,
only thing that i think could use a tiny little bit of attentoin is the sky,
but overall 5 starts.


impressive. i love the contrast between under water and above water.



I would really like to see the wireframe for this beauty! *****


Man, this is unreal!



this guy hurts :thumbsup:



Absolutely stunning! :thumbsup: You never cease to amaze me Andreas. I think you may have yourself another frontpage masterpiece. :slight_smile:


Excellent…! 5***** :thumbsup:
please send a wire…


great render.
May i ask u, in brazil, what material did u use for the water? And are the caustics and rays of light rendered in brazil or post? thank u


great work! very beautiful model and textures


Very impressive work (as always)!
I like especially the sharpness of the image, which corresponds with the sharpness of the animal, so to say…
Shading is really top notch! Only the texture/bump on the side of the mouth, where it’s white and black, is perhaps in too low resolution, but perhaps it’s just me…
The caustics and volume light are really, really nice!
More teeth might be even more agressive, I don’t know so much about shark anatomy though.
The water plotches are the only thing that look a little bit strange to me.
Real nice Rendering! Did you the dof in 3d or in post?
Rendertimes would be interesting…


Great job
as always :slight_smile: