Great resources for cinematographers...Share your links, videos and sites.


I found this link and I want to start a thread:


Please share your cinematography resources, videos and links.



Great site, thank you very much for sharing!
I liked It’s a very good explanation of cinematic storytelling.
It should be noted that a moving picture composition differs from a static one, as static one is more demanding. But it’s a lot can be learned from it still.


Every Frame a Painting is an awesome set of video essays that discuss filmmaking. Sadly, they’re ending the channel this month.

sample videos






Yes this Book is Fantastico , easy to read and understand it’s really helps even if you do just layout static graphic design … I recommend it for every artist


Great idea for a thread. I love what everyone has posted so far!

One of my favorites is Vimeo Film School:


5 book recommendations here:

The one by Vittorio Storaro is probably amazing - he shot Apocalypse Now, The Last Emperor and Last Tango in Paris after all.


This is an AMAZING video

How Star Wars was saved in the edit


Also check out the other videos on RocketJump Film School’s channel. They cover a variety of filmmaking topics: tutorials, tips and tricks, interviews, podcasts, live streams, events, contests, forums, film commentary, and behind the scenes.