Great Interview w/Maxon America’s CEO, Paul Babb

Though Paul was quite modest it’s interesting to consider how big an impact Babb had on Maxon and its direction.

And for anyone interested in peeking behind the curtain—a little—it’s a great listen.

Maxon America was very much responsible in pushing C4d towards becoming an indispensible mograph app.


Great interview indeed thanks.
He did hint at R20 and a certain number of “more complex features” that he is trying to learn.



We’ll have to learn some new tricks, and perhaps re-learn a few things, I suspect.


Node based materials?:slight_smile:


Let’s hope for simulation tools


Watch, it will be a node based cogwheel 3.0! :wink: I’m excited to see what R20 will bring. I just hope it isn’t completely focused on ProRender and brings some updated and or new features.