great destination., henryca citra (2D)


Title: great destination.
Name: henryca citra
Country: Indonesia
Software: Photoshop

this is the invitation image that i made for some event in my home town medan, so behind this image that i want to describe is : “to develop medan into a city of art” ( anykind of art, can be music, architecture, painting, theatre, etc), so i drew a landscape view with a bunch of identical landmark from medan city, like water tower, n a view of old dutch buildings, n many others, mix with a surrealism n cartoony feel inside. hope you all like it, comments n critics are most welcome. :smiley:


this is great! It’s like the boy is looking into his future. There is a lot of creativity going on here. Keep it up.





:whistle: Great compositional balance and harmony for what could’ve been a very busy piece. Well done there. I love the incredible color palette and how you employed them in the painting. Great vibrant colors. I like the russet colors of the clouds in the sky and the music notes. The character with his bike just adds more life to an already vibrant piece. Great job. Love it.


mozen : thanks mozen. :smiley:

PC : thank you :smiley:

linainverse23 : hi there, it’s kinda hard to make the colors looks harmony, need a lot of try especially on the reflection, that one take a lot of time, to add a few of color that can bring it out. n if u add too much u can ruined it all n looks inbalance. so have to flip horinzontal, n flip vertically, until our eyes really confortable with that, n u feel good. then it’s enough. :smiley: thanks alot friend.


Well apart from agreeing with feedbakc by other members i seriously lovethe colors and bright and viberant color scheme.



Great colour scheme!
And beautiful picture :slight_smile:


Really good man! I really like your work on colours and lighting.
Keep going! :cool:


slamat yah masuk FA… gile keren


wah…greats!! :thumbsup: 4 stars


Love it! I simply love it! especially the clouds and color palette :slight_smile:


I really like the clouds as well, great style. The deep blue corners of the sky are really nice, and the reflection of the city is very well done.


thanks alot guys, hope can do better on my next piece. keep improving! :smiley:


this is a very colorful and fairyland destination .the concept and colors are so vibrating!


Magic work!!
Best regards, Selwy


Love the colors and creativity you put in this work! :slight_smile:


outch colors ! you rocks, beautifull piece of work.
A colored dream ^^


mantap bro !!

Congrats :slight_smile:


Wow !


Very creative, great color choices, the wet feel of the landscape is very special, incredible invitation ! Congratulations !


Excellent very well done, great colors!