Great bit of Redshift news!


Redshift 3.0 experimental build will be released in the next few days, and it will soon fully support c4d’s native noise shaders without baking!


So cool, now please could we choose layers sets in tiffs or Photoshop file?


That’s been implemented for a long while, at least for psd files.


Ah! great news!


Redshit had noises baking still?
Unbelievable… C4DtoA had native Noises for over a year…


Yes one of the things I love about Arnold. Octane still has baking too. Does the GPU version of Arnold also support the native noises?

The worst thing about Arnold is its new owners. The best thing about Redshift is its new owners. I wish Maxon had bought Arnold before the empire stole it TBH.


Hi mitchino, one can choose layers but not create layersets without needing other nodes , and as you switch layers, projection size isn’t pinned down which creates its own set of problems…


Awesome - hopefully by the time R21 is released the native node system will be used.

Of course, by the time Release 20 was released, we were already well into development on the next release. The response to the node-based materials UI has been great. We’ve been flooded with requests to make it available for third-party render engines, and we’re working hard to make that possible. We’re obviously engaged with other features and projects as well, but you’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store.

There is no business like node business.


They had their chance and didnt take it I assume…
now they are left behind with redshit…


Is that necessary? It’ll give it the benefit of the doubt that it’s a typing error.

Everybody knows how you pushed Arnold for C4D, but it doesn’t suit everyone’s taste or needs. And as far as GPU rendering or speed in general is concerned, I don’t think Redshift is behind.


Redshit doesnt suit everyones needs or taste either for that matter… given its a GPU only renderer and its “strength” lies in biased rendering…
And given it implemented every recent improvement like random walk sss, osl support or in this special case native c4d noise support after C4DtoA had it, I dont see how Redshit isnt even on par or ahead to be honest…


You’re the only one trying to belittle the competition here, calling it “redshit” (I guess that was not a typing error the first time then) and “left behind”.

I also know the strengths and limitations of both solutions. I don’t think a sports car is any inferior to a tank in many cases, and certainly not in my line of work.

I don’t know who’s the most “biased” in this case, you or the render engine.


Leaving this here regarding biased:


Uglykids… aren’t you the idiot who claimed that “the future of rendering is on CPU not GPU” not too long ago?

And then Ahnuld suddenly went GPU, too?

And now you’re obviously jeallous that Redshift does GPU far better than Ahnuld-the-badly-overpriced-AutoPest-renderer. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

As for biased-unbiased rendering, do you honestly think the Redshift folks can’t throw an unbiased-mode into their GPU renderer?

How much commission do you get per C4D Ahnuld license sold, Uglykids?


Amazing how quickly these threads fall apart. Sign of the times.
Anyhow, I’m very pleased for any news about Redshift and C4D, although I would never use a GPU render engine for every task out there. There’s still VRay and Corona that are very powerful options when it comes to production.
I’m dropping in to suggest one thing. Let’s get the XParticles guys talking to the RedShift and Maxon people, because I really would like to see all of the power of both combined into a separate option from Cycles.


Yes, but the open lib that facilitates this is extremely slow and you cannot select PSD-Folders. It would be great to get the native PSD-Stack from C4D…


Lol, wanna balloon?

Redshit is so slow anyways, I only use Element3D lately, blazingly fast, like realtime. And even has volumetrics now, also in realtime… so much faster than Redshit.


honestly, i get that everyone is getting expert and shit, but remeber that not to long ago we were taking a risk by jumping on c4d, so whatever goes around, still needs to be respected and appreciated.

I love arnold, but welcome RS


Here Here. Im using both. Each works well depending on the project.


I’m looking forward to RS RT. Really hoping that it will work in the native viewport.

It probably won’t be suitable for most final production work, but for motion graphics and other kinds of similar things it should be great.