Well, here is my contribution to the contest. I call it Gravity only because I feel there is a sense of energy created by the giant object in the center. The image was done all in Photoshop. My image is a culmination of studying Yerka’s paintings and trying to come up with a composition that he would possibly create, while trying as hard as possible to not copy any compositions he already has done, which was a difficult task. Although I could continue working on this image forever, I feel it is at a point where at least the essence of Yerka’s style shines through, even though there is room for improvement to what’s there, and much more room for detail/growth. This project was a huge learning experience for me, I started all the way back in December trying to come up with the perfect composition for this contest, and through all that thinking I finally winged it and ended up with a composition entirely different. This was also the first time I have entered a CGSociety contest so I think I was intimidated by that prospect. It was definitely worth participating, no matter how much time was spent. Hopefully, I will be in many more contests to come!

Mike Lebson


Like ur motivation to enter into a contest…Conceptually its a really nice piece and u have done a good job visualizing it…So All the best!


Thank you Hasans, I appreciate the response. I am happy with the top half of my image, but the landscape at the bottom was started way too late (which was my fault) and could not get it to look as cohesive with the rest of the image. There are other things lacking in the image which I am kicking myself for, so I plan on finishing this work and then posting it again in the future when it’s better completed. I will let you know when that happens–

Mike Lebson


Yeah sure my friend…Why not…Take good care of urself…


I love it. I think you manage to capture the feeling of Jacek’s paintings and still kept it your own… and it sounds like your experience participating in this contest was very similar to mine. :slight_smile: Hard work but very fulfilling.

Good job!


I like this one, it reminds me of a Tarot card.


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