Hello dear friends…

I wish to present to you the latest update of Grass Kit brings supports for five render engines (Vray 3.7, Vray 5, C4D Physical renderer, Corona, and Redshift) and Cinema 4D R23 support all in one package. This update is also much faster, and it brings some new options like slope and altitude clipping and clones collision.
Thanks a lot for all your support and I hope you will enjoy using it…

To purchase visit this link:

My Gumroad store


Hello dear friends… Just wish to inform you that there is a new update for the latest version of Grass Kit 5. Some of the customers reported bugs in v5, and I tried to fix them all with this update.

Please replace the previous .lib4d file with a new one. If you did not receive a notification from my gumroad store please contact me on my email.

Bugs fixed:
Long parsing time for Corona version with a large number of clones
Disappearing clones on Vray 3.7 and Physical render when using clippers
Some other minor bugs and fixes

I also added a new option (requested by some users)
Random cloners height for each type of grass

Thank you again for using GK, and for all your support…

All the best,
Bosko L.