Grass Kit 3.1 for C4D native Physical render


Finally it is here… Well known Grass Kit 3.1 that was available for Vray and Corona arrives in version for native C4D Physical render. With this Grass Kit you will be able to create grass fields in minutes. You can customize grass in any way you wish to get most realistic results.

As addition in version 3.1 I included three Scatter objects, which you can use to scatter around your custom objects like trees, rocks, bushes… or anything that needs to be scattered :slight_smile:


tutorial link: HERE
Linked video tutorial is for Vray, but is is completely same for Physical render…[i]

NOTE | If you experience message about missing plugin “container object” you
can download this very useful plugin from Niklas Rosenstein’s site for
free… Grass Kit II will work without it as well, but you will not see
icon and it will bother you every time you start C4D.[/i]
[i]Container object link: [Container Object



What about use with Redshift or Octane?
Does it work there, too?




Hello Lance,
Thanks for your interest in GK…
Yes , it will be soon. I’m currently working on Octane, Redshift and Arnold versions…
I will post them here as soon as they are ready. I hope until next week.

best regards and fast renders,


Will this work in r14?


Hello gdogfunk,
I haven’t chance to try it in v14 so I can’t tell will it work. Maybe you can try with free version of GK (v 2) that you can also find on my gumroad link in first post.

Best regards,