Graphics programming resources.


To be honest, with calculus, I’d recommend a book rather than some sparse internet resources. The book I used was “Calculus: Early Transcendentals” by James Stewart. That covered a good 3 courses and i’m sure it might have some stuff on ODEs and PDEs. This is just my suggestion though.

A link to the book on Amazon:


I’m not sure why you asked about Calculus here and not in a Math forum.

Calculus is not the prime tool for CG. Yes, it can be useful, but there are many more important math to learn concering Computer Graphics.

Are you interested just about learn Calculus or you wanna learn Computer Graphics?

Depending on your interest, the suggested book should be different.


I was interested in learning how 3D Physics simulations are done, so I bought a book on Physics engines, but realized soon after that it required knowledge on Calculus and Linear Algebra. It’s been a while since I’ve taken Calculus, and I’ve never used Linear Algebra so it was a bit of a bummer to realize I couldn’t get very far in the book.


Great Dogwaffle resource thanks a lot.


This might be helpful for some:



Lots of universities are offering free CS classes nowadays, and I thought I would share some that Ive found…

IUPUI has lots of free video lectures, including nearly all freshmen level CS classes:

(I just finished the 230 course, and really enjoyed it. Great brief explanations of machine code, binary math, logic gates, and other low level subjects. also a great intro to Java.)

MITs open coursewear has added a lot of stuff recently, including several mathematics courses that are meant to be taken online:

Stanford has several online classes:

Here’s a page with free online mathematics resources:



Hey guys,

I found some more free stuff on 3D Buzz. They’ve got a whole bunch of videos about everything from C++, C#, HTML, MySQL, and some 3D software tutorials.

You can pay 35 bucks a month for a premium account, and that unlocks a bunch more videos, but it looks like there’s a good amount of free stuff. I watched some of the C++ and HTML videos, and didn’t care for the style of the tutorials, but to each their own.



Hey guys,

I came across a few more free CS resources and thought I would share.

Lots of basic level courses here -

A nice C++ class from University of Southern Queensland-

Intro to CS class from Harvard -

Multimedia class from Notre Dame-

Some links that people have posted to other free CS stuff-
(mostly links to MIT ocw stuff)


Hey Guys,

I came across an interesting website with lots of free books, or parts of books.

An interesting book about how computers work at a low level (all but 3 chapters are free):

Another one about CPU and RAM:



Hey all,

I found a nice little site with some useful tutorials on it.

Has some nice brief walkthroughs of Tkinter in Python and Swing in Java, as well as lots of tutorials on how to implement SQL in various languages.


Hey guys,

Found a few more sites with some free stuff on it.

Several thousand free math videos, ranging from basic algebra to calculus and linear algebra. Also a few basic Python tutorials.

Some fancy CS courses here that launch in the next few days. Everything from intro to CS, to algorithms, compilers and logic.


Hey Guys,

I just found another site with some free CS courses. Mostly entry level stuff that focuses on web development.

Maybe not super relevant for CG, but I just thought I would share.


Hey Guys,

I found this nice free book online that explains the basics of OpenGL, called [size=3]“The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 1.1”[/size].

It seems to be at least a few hundred pages, and offers lots of code examples. I just read the first chapter, and it looks like this will be a great read.



One excellent source for geometry algorithms is looking at Sketchup scripts. There are thousands of them that cover a heap of different functions.


Hey guys,

Youtube has all kinds of fancy CS videos from top universities now.

I’ve linked to it before, but Coursera is launching a whole bunch of new free maths and CS courses here in the next few months.

I also came across a CS computer graphics course from Brown that offers some free resources.



Hey Guys,

I found some more free stuff from, a joint venture between Harvard and MIT.

Foundations of Computer Graphics:

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming:

Introduction to Computer Science:


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I’m looking for tutorials, documentations, open source code connected with Helixtoolkit.
Thanks a lot for each answer.


Hi I wanted to know anyone know how to set up arnold sdk in Xcode 6. I noticed its similar to Xcode 4 and solid angle have a tutorial about it. But when I ctry check if kick can see it in terminal i get this “loading plugins from none”


Geometric Tools
Besides source codes, the associated documents are plentiful, very handy tools for graphics programming.