Graphics card recommendation?


I’m going to build a mid range PC for 3d work (rhino, Revit, 3ds max and vray mainly). Since all renders will be CPU dependent, I was wondering what’s a good GPU for decent viewport performance? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Geforce 970, 980, 980Ti, 1060, 1070, 1080 depending on budget. Skip the AMD cards for now, you’ll only regret it if you do.


I’m actually building this for a friend who doesn’t do a lot of intensive work. Do you think I could get decent performance at 1080p using a 960 or even a 760? Does VRAM matter a lot?


A 960 would do, 760 is really starting to get a bit old.


I’m using a 970 and it’s quite good. I’m sure that I could get much better performance with the 10x series, but I’m not sure that it’s worth the $700-1k for. I’m done with that “hot rod PC” mentality at this point. These things don’t often age well and you almost always regret your decision 6-9 months down the line.

IMO, it’s best to go mid-range at home. You save some cash, often on the order of $300-$700, and still get a quality experience. I’m not going to fuss over a few extra fps, especially since most of the larger heavy lifting in my 3D workflow is being done by the CPU. Unless you’re doing a lot of GPU accelerated ops, I don’t see the point in mortgaging your kidneys. If a company or client wants to foot the bill, well, that’s another story.


The GTX 1060 has the same performance as a GTX 980 and costs the same as a GTX 960. The GTX 960 or frankly anything that costs $200+ that isn’t a GTX 1060 is not a good option. Get a GTX 1060 if you’re looking for a budget oriented GPU.


Yep, what he said. Make sure though to get the 1060 with 6gb of vram, NOT the one with 3gb.

Yes, performance can drop dramatically in some apps if you have too little vram (Substance Painter comes to mind immediately). 3DSMax will actually make entire objects disappear at random from the viewport if you don’t have enough vram (though that probably wont happen these days unless you’re working on a large scale scene, I had it happen a lot a few years ago before gpus with lots of vram became common).


SubstancePainter makes me think about videocard upgrade. searching for used 1050ti OR 1060 3GB. I do not plan to paint in 4k. Unfortunately 6GB (gtx1066) twice as expensive. So have to choose between 3 fast GB or 4 GB slow and a little bit cheaper. Any recomendaton precisely for SubstancePainter usage?


Wes_lamp tutorial in 2K is out of VRAM budget even for “cheaper” 1050ti. Had luck to find 1066. Very comfortable in 2K tutorials, but even 6 GB is almost not enough to see 4K textures (artifacts on screeen / crash or even blue_screen).
Budget systems with old FX, 16GB Ram and 1066 are just for 2K study or careful 4K tests.


RTX 2060 work’s fine(can paint without lag) with 4k textures for prop assets like lamp, sofa etc. I am using a overclocked RTX 2060 ventus XS with Ryzen 1700.