Graphic Designer needed for CAST - Card Augmented Story Telling



We are creating a card-based tabletop game and we’re needing help with templates and icons for our cards. A standard card size layout for over a dozen card types. No Artwork and illustrations at this time.

Can you create cards (excluding art) similar to Descent: Journey’s into the Dark. Email me now at

The working name right now is CAST (by a new small indie-group, Grey Council Games). It is a story game experience for 2+ players. An ambitious project that distills many
of our favorite pen-&-paper RPG elements into the more common realm of card games. Not too uncommon these days, but we believe we have some truly unique
elements. We have a website up but it still has a ways to go.

The initial genre is fantasy (orcs and elves and the like) and there is a ton of information to relay on some of the cards. We need someone with the willingness and the skills
to collaborate with us and develop icons and layouts that promotes ease of use and efficiency.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to publicly share much more about our game here at this time.

PAYMENT: This is a long-term collaboration project. You will be signed on as an independent contractor and will be paid a discounted flat-fee per approved asset / asset
group. Upon success of a crowd-funding campaign, you will be further compensated for each previously approved asset. Take a risk with us in this
venture and help make it a success! Exact terms to be discussed upon your interest.

Again, we are looking for collaboration on Graphic Design (Card layouts, templates, and icons). Help us develop the look and feel, placement of stats, tags, borders,

You will be integral in bringing this game to life.

At this moment,there are roughly 13 card types and dozens of icons to design. Most card sizes will be 2.5x3.5. Some larger.

TIMELINE for graphic design elements: Rough drafts ready by June 2018. Final layouts and icons ready by Dec 2018. Publishing expected Summer 2019. This work is slow and steady. A
side job.

You need not be a seasoned pro, but prompt communication and your own passion for this game is key.

PM me and let’s get you properly introduced to this project and see what you can bring to the table.

We need to source a graphic designer first. We are considering ARTWORK and Illustrations but we are
NOT ready for you at this time. If you are an artist and are willing to
collaborate with us along similar terms, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll
save your portfolio for later reference.

Simon of the Grey Council