Graph in Character Studio ??



Ive been animating for a while in Maya and was really quite happy with the kind of Arcs n Flow i was getting thier with the help of Graph Editor and handles in it.

Now ive to work for this project in Character Studio and m finding it tough to get the arcs and flow in my moves.

TCB isint lukin to be too helpful. Can u guys help me or advice me something ??

Thanx in advance…


Trackview maybe??? I dunno how it will work with the parametric walks and stuff, but if you’re hand animating a biped you’ll get all the curves and stuff with trackview


Hmmm…I think not because I suspect it’s due to the importer obj2max in Max7 or to the exporter of Lightwave…
The problem is on the texture UVW instead of the animation.


wrong place sorry:))


just trackview … under animation :smiley: and charchter studio also has a seperate trackview… i think… , just have a look.

its the same as in maya.


Hey Ibah,
Definetly i get Track View and Workbench to work with curves in character studio.
But all i can do ther is edit the Key Values by moving them here n ther.
I havent got the HANDLES for the keys to adjust them
To get the proper flow, holds and slow in slow outs.
For that i am dependent of some TCB values and that doesnt gets comfortable et all.
Any way to control keys the better way ??


There was a way to show handles in the workbench. It’s a line you add to the max.ini file. But still, this is dealing with TCB – you just have handles to manipulate what you do with number fields on the TCB rollout. So it’s still doesn’t feel very intuitive to me. This is something that max users have been wanting for a while (at least I have) I’d like to see euler controllers replace the TCB in CS.

Maybe someone here can pipe up and give you the line for the .ini file.

Do you have to aniamate in CS? If you could use bones, you probably be closer to what you’re used to.



i never had the problems you are encountering, i just animate and smooth it out, dont see much of a problem, ill look for it next time ill be messing with cs


Hey Mahlon,
Ya ive seen that thread, and many of my coworkers n me too tried it but doesnt works. Cant c any handles. Is this HANDLES totally missed out with Character Studio ??
Ya, the project is done with Charater Studio so ive to go with my studio. Cant apply bones.

M kinda really happy the way we animate with graphs n handles in bone rigged characters. Give it a try, it really gets good results.


hi Abhi3ds vbmenu_register(“postmenu_2011581”, true); , i have been asking myself that question for over a year, what if i want to have comlplete control over my curves?, what if i want to have mi cuerves linear? i have already convinced myself that that is impossiible with CS. i know what you feel so i tried CAT and it is great:


You Need to edit the biped.ini file in the c:dsmax\plugcfg directory.

change the following :


It´s an unsupported feature, but most times it works just fine.

Hi Abhi3ds
I got this tip from Cgchar forum, in this thread replied by Kenneth Jensen


Rjesh, i ve found this too. Tried makin changes to my .ini but doesnt show me handles. Tried both at my home n studio, even my co workers tried it.


you can do it by experimenting with different settings for the bias and continuity and ease settings. It just takes a bit more work. Ive used CS since version 1.2 and i’ve never had a problem with it doing what i want - you just get on with it and use it the best way you can. It might mean setting the odd extra key as a secondary ease. CAT has standard F-curves.

from that CGChar post someone pretty much sums it up -

Fcurves are alien to a traditional 2D pencil and paper animator. One thing they do use, however, are sketched in arcs that decribe the overall path of a hand or foot, along with tick marks that show their exact placement per frame along that path. Naturally, approaching CG animation for the first time, I looked for their equivalent. I found them in Trajectory display, and I find them the most intuitive way to work. They also give you the visual feedback necessary when manipulating the Tension, Bias and Continuity controls. Max has always had trajectories, CS has a slightly more specialised version, XSI has them. Maya never used to have them (I don’t know about the latest release). Not sure about LW.

Judging ease-ins and outs is all about motion analysis. A 2D animator’s brain examining hand, elbow, knee, or foot placements as ghosted drawings over a light box is really looking at “end effector” positionings. That’s what trajectories give you. Trajectories are the 2D animator’s fcurves. This, to me, is far more natural than considering the anguler velocities of a joint’s three component axes. Even then, because of issues of rotation order, gimble lock, and Euler swinging, those curves will often lie to you. Of course, if you’re animating some kind of mechanical device then fcurves would be the way to go - but we’re all character animators here, aren’t we?


Thanx Pudgerboy,

That was quite helpful. In short, i wont get handles here working with graphs in CS, all i have to do is practice on it and used to of not havin it in here.

All i fear is ill have to give in a lot of keys now. Hope it doesnt gets tough for me to managae lots of keys in my timeline.


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