Granny, Milivoj Popovic (3D)


Title: Granny

Name: Milivoj Popovic

Country: Croatia

Software: ZBrush Lightwave 3D Photoshop

Submitted: 3rd November 2015

She’s just a simple old granny who likes baking…
original concept by Sam Nielson


Loving it, great work Milivoj


tnx! glad you like it!


Nice work Milivoj :wavey:


WOW! Amazing painterly look!


Nice work Milivoj. Very stylistic!


Very painterly, hard to believe from the first loot it is a 3D, really like your :curious: - granny skin!


tnx so much for the positive feedback guys!
@maksy tnx!
@yuriki glad you like the feel of the image!
@InTerceptoV tnx man, means a lot coming from you!
@sablezubaja tnx! It’s always a challenge to get the right kind of skin shader! Glad you like it!


:smiley: Great ! like it!


tnx @ZyuN!


Awesome work, and well deserved award! :bowdown: