Grandma, Arda Koyuncu (3D)


Title: Grandma
Name: Arda Koyuncu
Country: USA
Software: Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

I wanted to create Red Riding Hood’s Grandma from another perspective, where she is evil.

Basemeshes are created in Maya. Major and minor forms, details and folds are sculpted in Zbrush. Retopologized in 3DCoat. Texture painting in Mudbox and Photoshop. Rendered in Vray.

Have fun viewing!


great work. i love the level of detail you`ve achived. and the attention to the little hairs on the cloth… just great


Absolutely awesome and creepy as hell :wink: One small crit would be the length of the fur on her clothing but otherwise great job!


Her look is absolutely convincing and frightening. She got personality.
A strong mummy.
This tells a story.

Cool stuff!



very great work , well done man :thumbsup:


Holy shoot! You have excellent sculpting and lighting talent. Your piece is very impressive. I simply can’t manage to look at her eyes directly! She is not only creepy but also hot; Creepy Hot!

Keep up the good work!


Good work,I like it .


Wow that is fantastic and you’ve exquisitely captured the evilness in the expression.


Who is afraid of the big bad … Grandma? I am…

Great work!


What a frightening old granny, great image!


I can be looking at the details all day :slight_smile:
This is amazing.


Phantastic piece. Very great lighting and amazing depth. Your piece is indeed frightening but also very interesting to look at. Keep it up. Amazing Work!

Cheers Silverwing


Amazing job… Love the whole thing… And thank god thats its not my grandma


@Creieru: Thanks a lot!
@baxterbrian: Thanks for the critique! I am glad you liked it!
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@Silverwing: Thanks!
@romanovich: :smiley: I am glad she’s not my grandma either! Thank you!


Wow, really well done. Fanstatic mood and Lighting!
Love it!


liked the work. great detail.


As mentioned on other site, fantastic! Really love this piece and I hope you receive a choice award for it!


This grandma is so cool! such character!, and also great lighting and compo!


@B3liar: Thanks!
@JonniGittsigrat: Thanks!
@droarty: Thanks a lot Dan! I really appreciate it!
@frossi: Thanks!


Great details and nice lighting, good job Arda!