Grand touring, kuan-lin chen (3D)


Title: Grand touring
Name: kuan-lin chen
Country: Taiwan
Software: Maya, mental ray, ZBrush

Hi there
In this work,I try to strike a balanced between cute and realistic.
I also try to add some details to make this work interesting

Welcome any comments and critiques!
Thanks for your watching and I hope you like it.


I really like this scene a lot man!
You totally achieved that what you wanted to achieve in my opinion …
and i really like the texturing and modelling > top notch!

Looking forward to see more of your work!

GrtZ, Tim


Wow, I agree with Timmer, this is very nice work! My only comment, and this is getting quite picky, is that the staging of the bird’s pipe could be improved if the pipe were on the other side of his beak. This would make the pipe show up in silhouette, and at the same time it would let us see the bird’s expression a little better.

On a similar note, the large creature’s left arm at the bottom is right on top of his back leg (visually, anyway). Not a very big issue, of course. Otherwise you’ve done an excellent job with managing the staging composition and the color scheme as well.

Great work!


That’s excellent character and design. I love it. Make them a little environment, even just a sky. That’s a pity this grey backgorund


Cool! Fantastic job.


Nice characters, dude) Colours are so moulty, but but don`t make composition worse. For me, its definitly inspirative.
But i filll sorry for worm in cell. He, must be, want to freedom much(


Nice:) The materials need more work:)


good started

very good work & detalis i like it the textures he is very amazing but same your work hes need more work ok by the teth hes need reflaction ok & u need 2 change the backgruond ok

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


Thanks everyone.
All suggestions are very helpful.
I really really appreciate about that.
Thanks again.

gmoring:I didn’t find this problem before and I really agreed your suggestion.Thanks :slight_smile:

chokata:when I trying to set up the materials,I got a problem.My computer just can’t rander it successful.I guess my problem is model has too many faces.


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