Grand Theft Auto V, gameplay footage


This game looks immense. Looks like Rockstar have really raised the bar.


This game will probably take up a lot of my time that along with Rome Total War 2.


This looks dope, look forward to seeing how their storylines are resolved this time around it’s always my favorite part of these games.

Also killing people and wrecking cars.


Very very good work.

Note: No Playstation 4 version. One has to wonder if the current gaps in development will cause an illusion that the new systems have no new games.


I don’t look forward to very many games, but this looks amazing. I’m very happy this is on the 360 so I don’t have to buy that piece of junk Xbone. Sure, the graphics aren’t quite up to CoD or Halo or whatever, but you know the worlds are going to be huge and you’ll be able to do almost anything in them. That sort of freedom & endless sandbox fun is way more appealing to me than the latest fog and lighting shaders, fluid dynamics, or 50k poly characters.


I have an Xbox now. Between maybe this, the Bioshock Sequel, Dead Space 3&1, old Assassin’s Creed…we all have a list of the games that got away… AND wanting a PS3 for “Last of Us”, puts my desire to get a next gen system really low…need a new…Idk…Virtua Fighter or something for me to upgrade at this point.


Holy. Freaking. ####. :bowdown:


this game looks incredible. visuals, animation, scale, activities…

specific improvements i noticed:

hand animations. it was something we saw them working on in gta 4 and red dead, but still hadn’t gotten it quite right. that problem seems to have been solved. all of the characters’ animated hands in this most recent trailer look impeccably detailed.

skin shaders. unlike past rockstar games which have had fairly simple shaders, they seem to have worked on and improved the look of the sss shader on characters immensely.

draw distance and texture detail. even at quite a distance, if you stop and examine some of the frames on the mountains from far off, you can still spot bicycle trails and individual rock formations.

lastly, i cant believe they’ve been able to squeeze this much power out of the current gen of consoles. it will be very interesting to see how well the game performs on ps3 vs 360


Havent seen the video yet but I already plan to get the PC version.


Considering all of these elements show up in other Rockstar games (Red Dead, Ping Pong), maybe there’s a good chance that they’ll each be will implemented.


Dang! Holy crap :slight_smile: !


I’m not looking forward to having to fire myself when this comes out.


woooww that’s insanely huge! I had bad experiences with ACIV huge world. Massively bored. Hope GTAV is more fun this time.


watched the video first thing this morning and i cant wait for this game. it looks really good and will keep anyone entertained for hours on end. all that’s missing now is the holodeck experience :slight_smile:


Looks good!

I forsee a persistant “Grand Theft Auto - Online” world somewhen in the future.

It’ a matter of time i guess, potentials are already there…


That…and the fact that they say as much in the video.


Ooops, guess Alex should have watched the trailer to the end, eh?


That looks amazing! Though I must admit, I get really bored of most GTA stories and try to fast-track through it as much as possible so I can have the entire world to explore. My personal wish-list is an “unlock all” code so I can just spend my time messing around… maybe that’s what the online function will give?


Couldn’t agree more, though I find most game stories a pointless distraction from the exploring/action and wish they’d all come with a totally unlocked explore mode.

I was going to give it a miss when I first heard about it but then I saw this trailer and WOW!!! They’ve certainly been busy - the facial animation and the quality of the lighting/textures/everything in such a massive open world must be pushing the current gen to its final limits.


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