Grand structures under sunset


One of nature’s greatest shows.
Sunset, a warm blanket of light over what is in the present and what is to become…


i like the concept and the colors, and honestly they are the hardest parts of the process. my painting took a total of about 12 hours, an hour or so per day or whenever i found the time. It still isn’t finished but the main idea is there.

Thanks for your comment, and good luck



i see something similar to the sign of infinity here, i think this is one fantabulous piece, especially loving the colours, very nice perspective…those clusters of stars are interesting…

congratz on a solid and beautiful entry :D.



Awesome mood! Your image seems full of symbolism…almost surrealist. Reminds me of Dali :slight_smile:


thx :smiley:
good luck to you.


Very nice image! Very good feel, and nice colors as well. Well done.

Thanks for your comment on my image by the way.


You wrote it <<One of nature’s greatest shows>>

And i think you got it right…

One of my favourites especcially the figure at the balconi…

Great work man

Alien Architecture Normal.


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