Grand Space Opera Winners and Book Announced!


congratulations to all winners and respect to all who finished this challenge!


Congratulations to all winners and honorable mentions! Fantastic pieces of work:thumbsup:


The 2d winners sure deserve the title but the 3D guys…I dunno, there’s a big difference. Anyway it’s much much harder to do it in 3D then 2D.
Gongrats to all the participants! :wink:


Congratulations to all winners, honorable mentions and every other challenger!

The last 3 Month were awasome!


Stay tuned,
see U


I removed my previous words in respect to your work. but I maintain my position. first prize NOT.
learn how to receive critics.


Congratulations to everybody …especially all the 2d entries are a heavy kick in the butt for us 3d bubbles…awesome stuff guys…


Nice, congrats to the winners.

The 2d winner has been my desktop image for a few weeks now :slight_smile:


Congratulations to all the winners. Well Chosen ! :applause:.
I wonder what the next one is gonna ge about??? See ya soon!


Congratulations to all winners!

My only comment is that (after looking at 2D and 3D entires) there is little to no point in using 3D for such illustration work. 2D wins hands down.


Truly epic entries…

Congrats to all the winners…


Congrats to all winners and HM’s! Very inspirational.
I’m already sharpening my wacompen for the next challenge.
Thanks again CGNetworks for the fun experience!


happy sigh Such droolage. Congratulations to all who entered, with bonus happiness to those who won!


Congrats to all! Especially to Daryl for the second time running.

Hope everyone is amped for the next one, I know I am.


Congratulations to all who can finished entry!
and many thanks for my vote ! ,
can’t wait for the next one , thanks to cgnetworks staff for bring this cool competition!
see ya!


Ah, fantastic, I’m so pleased! :scream:

Best wishes to all winners, runners up and honourable mentions. And Blackarts, what a high standard to set, you deserve it. What a great challenge, it was so much fun to participate. Can’t wait for the next one… now I’m off to put my order in for the GSO challenge book!


Congratulations to everyone who won! I am so impressed by the amount of talent in this challenge! I think everyone should be very happy with their results, and I just wanted to thank the folks at CGTalk for putting together such an amazing community. This is amazing!

I will definitely be ready for the next challenge. I’m sharpening my pencils right now!

Bravo everyone! Bravo!


Congrats to all winners, cross-the-liners and participants for creating such a cool 3-month atmosphere! :slight_smile:
All the best to the winners :thumbsup:


The results was definitely a surprise for me. There were so many other chalenges that I was expecting to see as winners…but they wasn´t even mentioned in honourable list.Anyway congratulations to all.


Congratulations to all winners, 2d and 3d.
awesome images …
Texxx powaaaaaa.:buttrock:
and big up for tranchefeux , well done guys:D


Congratulations to all winners, runner-ups, and honuorable mentions: you deserve to win, plain and simple. :slight_smile:

Although participating in the Challenge was fun and a real “challenge”, it has shown me 2 things about myself:

  1. My work is not where I want it to be: I need to get better, become a better artist.
  2. Seeing the entries for the 2D Challenge has really brought back my desire to work in 2D CG (not that I plan on giving up 3D work - I just plan on getting better at both).

Till the next Challenge everyone. :thumbsup: