Grand Space Opera Winners and Book Announced!


Hi all,
 We are pleased to announce the winners for CG Challenge XVI Grand Space Opera! 
 [>> Grand Space Opera Results <<]( (results start on page 3)

 Grand Space Opera Book[/b]

We are also very pleased to announce the Grand Space Opera book, which will feature the making-of content from a selection of winners in each category (12 total), and a gallery of images from the finalists. The Grand Space Opera book will start shipping in April 2005, and all participants get a 20% discount on all Ballistic Publishing titles. Register your interest for the Grand Space Opera book now.

 [>> Grand Space Opera book <<](

 Next Challenge will be announced mid-March 2005.


very nice entries this time around.


Wow what fantastic winners! And a great choice of cover art! I can’t believe Daryl has won twice in a row now :smiley:




Images 2 and 4 on the page 4 are both linked to the same entry…

Greaat winners.


Congrats for all winners and Honourable Mentions!! 2d and 3d!! nice stuff on this contest.
i will try to buy this book heheh
c ya!!


Fantastic, the two I chose as my number One and number Two 3D entries actually got First and Second place. I hadn’t even looked at the 2D entries but boy… some impressive stuff. I’d actually say I’m more impressed with some of the 2D work. Congratulations to all involved, there were some great entries and the winning work is of surpassing quality.


Congrats to all winners!! This time the competition was great, can’t wait for the next challenge to commence! Again congrats to all winners, you deserve it! :applause:


Congratulations to all winners… It has been my pleasure to participate.


Congrats to everybody:thumbsup:


Congrats everyone. I hope to be in the next challenge along the sides of you all.


to all !

it was fun, and the results are more or less what I though…seems pretty fair.

thxxx no bad surprises IUKWIM :scream:


wow awesome stuff. Congratulations, I think that the results are fair too :slight_smile:

Lemme add one of those too… :drool:


Congratulations to all winners and honourable mentions, all well deserved!


:thumbsup: Congrats for all winners :thumbsup:


Some really excellent results, and a very well done too all the entrants.

What I would have liked in the article is perhaps the judges having a little writeup of their personal favorite pieces, and why they chose certain pieces.


Yay! Congratulations to all - a great line-up indeed.

Side note: Us shitty 3D guyz have a lot to learn from the 2D guyz… :wise:


congratulations to every winner.


JamesMK - i´m agree… the 2d entries is amazing!!


congratulations to all the winers…:applause: