Grand Space Opera Winner, Alexander Preuss (3D)


Title: Grand Space Opera Winner
Name: Alexander Preuss

This image was entered for the Grand Space Opera Challenge. You can see the full entry here.


Awesome, Great work:thumbsup:


Absolutely beautiful! I hope one day I will have something of that calibre :deal: !


Thanks to all who made this possible.

This is so awesome, i´m still under shock. :eek:

Ok, lets get busy on the next pictures, I hope to see u all back soon.

Thanks a lot!!

Stay tuned


feb 16

Well, i think i’ll come out of lurk mode now and comment on this wonderfull piece. Not to diss the efforts of others in this competition, but this was one of few pieces i saw that were not compositionally cluttered, and provided a wonderfull journey for the eye to travel, its remarkably soothing :P, HAH! odd for a space battle really.

I think there is an amazing cinematic appeal to the explosion on the structure in the distance, Non too smokey just the right amount of flame. Very “I.L.M” if you know what i mean.

anyways Congratulations on a great piece of art!



congratulations!! excelent work!!:thumbsup:


Awsome work!


Круто!.. Вот если бы… архивчик скинул… со своей работой вообще… было бы класно!


Very cool man, I like it!


Incredible! Your work is really awesome.


Congratulations… :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


Congradulations! It looks incredible!


Hi, Alexander,

Congratulations !!! to you and your work, its nice concept and executation, your work is also match with your name Alexander… (The Greate Work)…


beautiful, you didn’t have to make it destructive to be really cool


Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Goood :thumbsup:


really good job. but i think is not proporcionally correct.

I mean, lets say that the witdh of this station is like 100 miles wide, in the horizon compare to the size of the earth, 100 miles means nothing, so the width of the station should be seen much less wider…

dont you think?


Hi Folks

I feel very honoured to see all of the posts in here.
Big thanks to everyone!! This is absolut awesome.

Strange…?! there was a post from a german member in here a few minutes ago, but it dissapeart?! (maybe he better wrote in english :wink: nevermind… Thanks a lot [b]ibb2004de

[/b]:: MuzzteinHi, Thank you 4 your quote, i knew what you mean… This was my main problem during this challenge, to figure out what looks good and realistic.
I modeled this for test in 3d and placed a cam into the scene.
If the ring is smaller it looks more realistic but… not so impressive, if the ring is bigger it looks great but very unrealistic.
I think i found a way thatit looks not too unrealistic :wink:
This screenshot was done during my first experiments with the Ring.

Thanks a lot
Stay tuned


It’s really an awesome work! Congratulations!

Perspective is always a problem, not only in 3D, but in drawing, painting, etc.
But when we look at your scene it’s impressive, and that’s what really counts.

Since I am 3D student (forever laughs), I’m curious about something: did you tried out different camera lens or camera efffects on Max to see what results could be achieved from your scene? If so I’d be glad to hear about.

Thanks and once more congratz !

Eduardo S. Janizewski


beautiful! i like everything, great models and thextures and enviroment, but the spaceship in the left i think is not as good as the rest of the mechanical works, anyway amazing!


I knew u will be winner man . excelent .