Grand Space Opera Voting open!


i was also thinking about

[b]The Unlimited Horse With 15 Heads

[/b] [left]… ?


There is allready a Thread you should visit and contribute with your Ideas




:curious:… well i’ll be… :rolleyes:


• I posted this story in the GSO FAQ, but it would have been better to post it here, sorry for posting the same in 2 diferent threads, so here it is:

A freaking story
I know of a recent challenge in other site, I won’t mention where and what, but it happens that when the voting period started, one of the challengers, i don’t know how, made his way to configure and link an addresse of a shoping center in such a way that when you clicked on an specific button, you where actually voting for his image! at the end he had such a big diference of votes against other challengers that he definitly was the winner.
But his image was not the best, so, some people started complaining about the issue and some started investigating until they came to find out how he did.
I think that is some kind of “criminal” action and at the end he fools only himself
It would be GREAT to win, but only in the right way, getting what your work deserves even if it is not one material price or recognition.
I thought it would be an interesting tale to be written here, please, don’t missunderstand, there is no personal meaning telling you this, I feel great just for having completed my thread :stuck_out_tongue:



[left]SOunds interesting, I feel a little bit of influence from Dali would be essential during research :)[/left]


S…t. Everytime I have something to say…I’m always afraid to offend somebody…anyway…I must say this:

These Challenges…this website…are not “FREE”. They grew by the efforts, passions, loves, interests, energies of the thousands who let…this website reach the highest level of popularity and quality among the others.
Without the major contribute of all of us, from the beginning till today, these challenges, the books, the articles, the useful connections established by Ballistic through this network, wouldn’t ever see the light.

I think that if Ballistic really needs more money to manage these challenges, the company could easily raise the necessary funds from public donations, without the need to charge anything to participants, ever. I hope, by the way, that their business will grow well through the selling of books and other stuffs, without the need to ask for contributions.

Once said this, I think it is totally unfair to even think to the possibility to ask anything for the participation in these challenges, as well for the participation on any other public activity on this website!

Good Luck to everybody for your life.





For being my first CGTalk challenge and truly my first time interacting with anyone on this site so shortly after finding it, I have to say it has been a grealy constructive experience and though I entered the competition so disparagingly late, I believe my results were commendable for the time taken. I look forward to the new competition beginning in March to be able to put a full effort forward onto the project.

To all those artists who contributed to the Grand Space Opera, I say not good luck, because luck has nothing to do with the immense talent that I find myself surrounded with on this board, but instead I will say congradulations, because each and every person who has created something for this competition put their heart and soul into their work, and there is no greater reward than being able to share a part of your soul in your artwork with others.


Is it ok for the rules? or forbidden? or just morally not good?
or makes no difference?

Well maybe it’s just a nonsense question


What if someone votes for himself/herself?

Don’t see any reasons why you can’t do that.


ohwowow !!!

What in the world would you be seeking by voting yourself ?


It depend of how good or how bad it is in your way of seeing it, The vote is free and if you want, it is your own secret, would it be wrong if you vote for yourself and you win? the question then would be sincerely “why?” It happens only in hollywood that somebody wins for a single vote
Human nature: Everybody wants to win, no matters what he/she says, the problem would be using illegals forms to get it, voting for yourself only is a way of giving your approval to what you make, even if artwork is never done


Infact if there was not a right to vote multiple times, there were a danger of such un-moral voting. I have been wondering about that until I read about multi-voting. And there were no signs or any article about that. Thats all.


Now we’ll be notified if we need to make some sort of “how I made it” form, right? Just don’t want to miss out because I didn’t do some silly thing. :wink:


Wow what a headache of a thread :surprised:


To all those artists who created wonderful images - congratulations and best of luck to all of you in the voting process.


Hey Milkman Dan…in case you haven’t noticed those issues haven’t been mentioned at all lately…everyone has gotten past this from what I have read…and we are all artistic comrades again…

shame to you for stirring it all up again… :sad: )))

…dude everything i just read in that post of your’s was just plain rude…


Well I haven’t visited CGT in some time and was excited when I saw that the voting had opened. Having read through the entire thread, that issue really stuck out.


• …:beer: Thanks Milkman! :beer:


Oh God, not this again… :banghead:

BTW, am I the only person who’s noticed that you can still vote for entries, even though it was suppose to end on Thursday? :shrug:


Hi voted for myself because I really would like to have at least 1 vote. It’s just vanity.
I waited until the voting opened, and then…zzzappp!
I cast my vote.

If you are hungry you can go eating something to…a selfservice buffet…other times you can do some…selfvoting! And also if you want sex you can also do some…


the second vote was for Baby, but he knows that…He will win the Grand Prize.

ciao everybody




Dear cgtalk/networks masters, who are above us, poor cgtalkers:bowdown: Will we know which works are shortlisted? I just can’t wait to find out which making-ofs we will see soon:twisted: or will we wait till the Valentine’s day? And is it true that the next challenge could be sooner than we thought?