Grand Space Opera Entry, Moritz Füllgrabe (3D)


Title: Grand Space Opera Entry
Name: Moritz Füllgrabe
Country: Germany
Software: 3D Max, Photoshop

here my final pic for the GRAND SPACE OPERA. It was a great learning process for me, working for this challenge, wich was my first. Also Iam very happy to make it under the top 15.


Wow, man, you did an amazing work!!! I like it very much. I hope in the next challenge you would stay between the best, (upper, of course) because that is your place. Congrats!!!


Great looking work of art :wink: I like the fire effect, is that 3d max fire, or photoshop?
I hope next time you get better score…


ur effects are great and so much nice
bravo :thumbsup:


amazing pic


Great emotion in this piece…


thanks for reply,
iam very glad that you like my image.
maybe next time, I see some of you at the next challenge :slight_smile:

@miodrag: was somepart of afterburn (plugin for max) but most of the vfx are handmade/photocollage in photoshop


wow… the composition is really well done.,


I see a bit of HALO theming in there…nice touch lol…

what is that thing thats exploding?


The effects in the explosion are great. An overall awesome picture. Should have been a runner up :slight_smile:


WOW impressive work so much details in your image. I really like how you framed all that action thats a really great battle scene.:thumbsup:


Hey man,

A seriously rocking image. When I first saw it I knew it had serious detail, but going through it later on im truly amazed with the detail you got down to. It really depicts the chaos and randomness of the battle brilliantly.

Top notch :buttrock:


I just finished watching the CGI anime movie “Appleseed”. A killer CG flick. The I came across your entry here and it has very much the same feel. Though "appleseed is more of a Toonshaded look with the characters and Semi-photorealistic with the environments.

The planning of your battle scene is very effective as well. Just the right amount of action. I love it. 5+ Stars !


i wish i can make some graphic like that…, i am a frustrated graphic artist…
you are great!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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