Grand Space Opera Entry, adel adili (Leda) (3D)


Title: Grand Space Opera Entry
Name: adel adili (Leda)

This image was entered for the Grand Space Opera Challenge. You can see the full entry here.




You really made a great and inspired image adel3d… hope to see you next time. :thumbsup:


Wow! I have no words, man… The only thing I can say is that, in my opinion, your entry is more impressive than the actual winner. Stay doing this amazing work, and the next challenge surely will be yours! Congrats!!


sweet! i love the depth range, from the deep highways to the moon…


I am happy that I was selected. But I have to say that there were so many great artists that couldn’t get the result they expected although they deserved it .Also it was so likely that those who got the award couldn’t be successful at all;I mean it is a matter of taste and other factors.
Therefore,we shouldn’t take much pride in our acheivements nor be dissappointed with the result.
See you all in other challenges and good luck!.


U r one of our best 3D artists in iran . nothing just in iran , on the around a world . hope to see more job from u adel .
khoshhal va sar bolandemoon kardi adel jan . damet garm 100 setare az tarafe man . :thumbsup: :scream:


To be true, your image is among others one I liked the most, I liked the concept a lot, and of course the realization was wonderfull, keep going man, and again, I take off my hat for your job!


I love this picture for the mountain of details… I like to discover what’s they are inside… and here, there’s so many interesting detail, for in final… a masterpiece… see you to the next challenge Adel :thumbsup:


Ditto…i hope to see u again in a challenge man…very detailed and beautiful work


Amazing work!!!

Your image is simply excellent, i was surprise that you didn’t get a better place. :shrug:
For me, it’s one of my favorite!!
Congratulations!! :beer:


great work
i like the most detail in your scene
good luck for the next challenge.:thumbsup:


barikala… hope to see u next time…:bounce:


Very nice work. hope to see more.


This scene is very cool but your textures lack some detail that would really help, things look a little bland without them,…but I like what you made, and the idea this image is about , :thumbsup:


Hi, thanks for your work! It’s one of my favorite,and I benefits from your work,hope to see more!:thumbsup:


Salam adel jan…movaffagh bashi :thumbsup:


(Farsi)Tashakor az namat anham avalin posty ke dady …


the form of scence is very great,whatwhile I can do it


I really like the concept, great job Adel


Congratulations Adel…

I Love The Depth Of Image…

Movafagh Bashi Adel:)