Grand Space Opera Challenge FAQ / Questions / Answers


They are definantly the best wether they are the biggest or not I have no idea, the net is a big place :wink: Anxiously awaiting the next!


Hi adel3d

I agree the community interaction award should be given on the quality
and number of different artists that viewed the threads, rather than
4-5 artists chatting online…its a very stong point you make,



hi tavi , hi all! :slight_smile: … well they are best/biggest for sure :smiley: … tommorow are results ? 14 !! my belly is jumping all over the place :smiley:


Well, looks like we’ve come upon the home stretch: the day before the Annoucements.
Good luck everybody. (we’ll all be needing it…) :thumbsup:


Hehehe, I had forgotten about the results since I was more concerned about my birthday :rolleyes:

Happy b-day to me!!! February 15th :beer: :buttrock: :smiley:

Wouldn’t it be cool to be in the honourable mentions group :love:
Although I could really use a BOXX HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :scream:


I saw already GSO book-cover on GSO main page!
When official winners-announcement will appeare? :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


I wake up very early today the 14th, to know the list of winers, I want to ask to all the people that started that big discution about voting, Do you think the final results are unfair?, I think they are not. Obviously the greatests works are there. So Congratulations to the winers!!



Hey Snakefarlow,
There is always going to be some great images that didn’t make it to the shortlist and I can think of several that I think should have made it ahead of a couple that did. I still think it would be nice to know if your image placed in top 15-50 or 50- 150 in the public voting. Not the exact position but just a rough idea or range as to were people voted for your image.

I still think having the public voting select 25-30 entries from each category and then let the judges select the winners and honorable mentions or top 15 entries from this shortlist of 25-30 entries. Hey maybe they did do it this way I don’t know .
Just another idea , to build excitement maybe you could anounce the shortlist a couple of days or hours before the final announcement of the winners. It was sort of anitclimactic this way.

Anyways,Congratulations to all the winners


happy birthday tomorrow nemirc!

I think the voting’s been pretty fair, only there should have
been at least 10 more honorary mentions per category :slight_smile:

good job, everybody!


Thanks man… :smiley:

And btw I would also have liked to see 10 more :thumbsup:


There were many additional images I would love to see in honorable mention but somewhere has to be a limit/cut. Maybe because of the logistic effort the number is set to 15.

There were about 14000 votes which is a good amount to get an objective and fair voting result in my opinion.

Congratiulations to all who put all their energy into their work to get it done right in time. And of course to all winners.

best regards


Congradulations to the winners. I must agree that a complete list of the remaining entries and their votes would be nice. I have to admit I expected to see a quite different list but all but one entry I really believe belongs in that list. Congradulations everyone. I will see you all again in the next challenge. :applause:




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